SafeinHome monitors, alerts for elderly parents at home

Each day for the next 16 years or so, thousands of Americans will hit the retirement age of 65. The crest of this tidal wave of retirement started a few years ago, and the strain on the healthcare system is already felt.

Body Dryer saves energy, you’ll never wash towels again

If you’ve ever had the chance to use one of those high-powered, Airblade hand dryers in some public restroom, you’ve likely marveled at the speed and efficiency. I’m not talking about the old-style bathrooms kind with the familiar ‘push button receive bacon’ or ‘please hide your potato’ signs. These new ones completely dry hands in a matter of seconds, using less energy and wasting zero paper.

Microsoft Kinect brings stroke recovery home, helps Alzheimer’s patients

Many gamers don’t like the Microsoft Kinect camera, feeling that it is intrusive and doesn’t add value to their experience. But scientists have been using Kinect for other purposes, from giving robots 3D vision for navigation to volume control. New versions of Kinect can detect heart rate and breathing, so it’s only natural that human therapy comes next.

SXSW Interactive to feature cool tech in Austin this weekend

I’m from Texas, graduated UT, and have a couple of awesome sisters that still live in Austin. And although I’m an Socal transplant, I’ve lived vicariously through their SXSW experiences for years. I’ve also been a technology writer for nearly 15 years. So I consider it nearly impossible that I have never heard of SXSW Interactive, which launched in 1994, until this year.


Elegantly simple 3rings service lets you connect with elderly in UK

I spent about an hour with my in-laws over the weekend trying to re-explain to them how to use the Apple TV I had purchased for them about a year ago. Last time, I wrote down instructions on how to use the app and device. Then, one of them accidentally deleted the app and stopped using the device altogether. It just goes to show you that for the elderly, nothing is as simple as you might think it is.

Top tech Valentines

Chocolates, schmocolates. Flowers, schmowers. Who needs candy and plants this Valentines when you can give the gift of technology? It’s far less fattening and much more rewarding to have a little something that makes your loved one’s life easier, greener, or more entertaining. While we don’t suggest a high-tech toothbrush or a robotic vacuum cleaner, which could potential be offensive, these tech toys are sure to delight, so prepare to pucker up.

iFit lets you bike the Tour de France from your living room

iFit lets you run and bike some of the most world-renowned courses and routes, from the comfort of your living room. At the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month, the company introduced it’s new Active wearable band and showed it in concert with its Internet-connected exercise equipment, like the ProForm Tour De France bike and ProForm Boston Marathon treadmill.

Control your ‘Mother’ like never before

As my sister once described it, being a mom is a ‘total ass-whoop’, and you need every shred of help you can get. But if have endless supplies of energy, you really don’t have anything to complain about, do you? Permanent LED smiles don’t hurt, either.

SleepNumber x12 Bed Knows When You’re Sleeping

Star Trek has inspired so many aspects of our digital culture, from cell phones to tablet computers. Much like Star Trek’s biobed, which could report a patient’s vital signs, the new SleepNumber x12 monitors your breathing and heart rate, and maps your movements in order to make suggestions on improving sleep quality. The tracking is called SleepIQ. more »


CES 2014: Will 2014 Be the Year of the Smart Home?

CES 2014 hasn’t even started yet, and the smart home is already the star of the show (ok, maybe next to 4K Ultra High Def TV). In fact, there seems to be a sort of scrambling going on as companies compete to be the platform for your home in this burgeoning marketplace. Here is what we more »


Archos Connected Home Concept Unveiled Days Before CES 2014

Clearly, the connected home is an exciting thing. So exciting, in fact, that Archos showed its hand more than a week before the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show is scheduled to begin in Las Vegas January 7. The company revealed today Archos Connected Home, a slew of connected devices for your smart abode, as well more »

2014 Trend Watch: Digital Health at Home

  Digital Health was huge this year. In an article on, Chase Curtiss, CEO & Founder of Sway Medical (a company that uses your iPhone’s built-in sensor to test balance) noted that the past year helped to better define  regulation over digital health and “will lay the foundation for safe and effective healthcare innovation in the more »