Li-Fi LED lights may power wireless data

If you’re interested in bleeding-edge technology, you can’t get much closer than the work being done with Li-Fi. Li-Fi happens to be just like it sounds: wireless communication through light. This research has been undertaken by Professor Harold Haas of Edinburgh University and his team. Their most recent breakthrough is pretty amazing.

Body Dryer saves energy, you’ll never wash towels again

If you’ve ever had the chance to use one of those high-powered, Airblade hand dryers in some public restroom, you’ve likely marveled at the speed and efficiency. I’m not talking about the old-style bathrooms kind with the familiar ‘push button receive bacon’ or ‘please hide your potato’ signs. These new ones completely dry hands in a matter of seconds, using less energy and wasting zero paper.


Bluetooth lighting options soon available with Samsung

Look out Lumen and Philips, Samsung has finally stepped into the Bluetooth wireless light bulb playground. Of course, no one could seriously think that Samsung would let this growing segment go untouched, right? Samsung’s recent announcement of its LED lamp solutions comes on the heels of Philips hue introducing three new models into its own more »

Stop spending a fortune on cleaning your electronics by using vinegar

what if there was a miracle cleaner that’s safe to use on everything in your house, is entirely green, non-toxic, and tastes amazing with fresh cucumber? No, I’m not talking about New Shimmer, I’m talking about white vinegar.


LG’s latest AC unit is part art, part machine, all cool

Now that pi day has passed us, summer is looming right around the corner with all its fiery goodness. Soon enough, many will be checking and ensuring the home air conditioner is working properly. If you live in an area that gets especially hot in the midst of summer, you understand how people live and die by a working AC unit.

Best Buy, SolarCity to offer solar panel home upgrades

Best Buy is one of those stores that makes it hard to walk out with just one item. From music to games to computer equipment, there always seems to be something else I can use to accessorize my tech den or gadget garage. But the next time you visit a Best Buy store, you might be able to leave with the mother of all home tech upgrades: Solar Panels.

Connected home trend skyrockets. Smart home sensors lead the way

If you are still uncertain as to whether or not the smart home trend is fact or fad, worry no more–research announced today suggests the later. ABI Research’s Smart Home Research Service announced that by 2018, more than half-a-billion wireless smart home monitoring devices will be used in homes around the world.

Make 3D printing filament at home and save $$

3D printing is slowly moving out of the shadows of nerd experimentation to something that can go in the home of the average Joe. But right now, the filament that provides the plastic that’s melted and molded is very expensive, running about $60 a kilogram. Not very affordable or efficient unless you’re cranking out only small little parts like screws and washers.

How to decipher a light bulb label

It used to be that the hardest label to read was the nutrition label on food; now it’s light bulbs. The Lighting Facts label is the informational table required by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that outlines a light bulb’s brightness and annual energy cost, just to name a few of the numbers and stats you’ll now find on a light bulb package.

Your next home could be made from carbon pollution

Cars, power generation, factories, and houses all in one way or another are responsible for carbon emissions that contribute to climate change. While some companies claim that they have systems like “carbon capture” and “clean coal” that essentially amount to collecting all the junk and burying it somewhere. But the problem doesn’t just go away.

Green water and power runs afoul of city

Robin Speronis, who has been living with solar power and fulfilling her water needs with rain instead of the local system, has been ordered to either hook her house up to the utilities, or face potential condemnation. At issue is the fact that she was using the sewer system without paying the related support costs more »

Samsung’s rotary fridge compressor is quiet, portable

You always know when your fridge goes on. The lights might flicker a bit, but what you can’t avoid is the noise. That loud whirring  is a constant companion of modern life, even in so-called ‘quiet’ models. Of course, the modern fridge is anything but portable. Samsung  thinks they’ve solved all of that with their more »