New HP devices to feature premium Bang & Olufsen sound

When the topic of “quality audio” is brought up, it’s very unlikely that anyone mentions laptop speakers in the discussion. Sure, there may be some exceptions to that rule, but I can’t remember the last time someone got excited to jam tunes for me from their laptop. The teeny, tinny speakers with the most basic more »

DAC the halls with Hi-Res music, with Meridian Explorer2

Your beloved laptop or PC may be your most powerful piece of tech, but if you have a set of high-end speakers or headphones it’s not doing you much good. Face it. Your computer sucks at driving the top-shelf audio you deserve to hear. But that’s ok, because you’re no worse off than most anyone more »

A headband that could change the way you watch TV in bed

You know when one person wants to watch TV in bed, and the other wants to, you know, sleep? The obvious solution is for the TV watcher to don headphones in order to not disturb his or her sleep partner. But lying in bed with headphones on isn’t very comfortable. Hammacher Schlemmer proposes a solution: The Comfortable TV Listening Headband.

OPPO debuts HA-1 headphone amplifier

There are everyday headphones, and there are headphones. Oppo Digital traffics in the latter — real audiophile-quality stuff. Recently, the company, best known for its reference-quality Blu-ray players, introduced its PM-1 planar magnetic headphones. Today its $1,199 HA-1 headphone amplifier was revealed.


Meridian Explorer USB DAC review

Let’s face it peeps, it’s a digital world—especially when it comes to music. While I love the warmth and detail of a good-old-fashioned record on a turntable, you won’t see me toting my record player into the office. In fact, I have a significant investment of digital music on my computer, spanning from when iTunes was first launched back in 2003.

New Sam’s Club service provides tech coverage, buyback

People might not immediately consider Sam’s Club a go-to place for home electronics or appliances. Their year-round prices are actually not that bad, competing with local and even online retailers. Wait for a sale and you can get very reasonably priced tech upgrades. But now that Sam’s Club has launched a new program, you might more »

Oppo unveils $1K PM-1 planar magnetic headphones

Oppo has been cranking out enthusiast- grade Blu-ray players for quite awhile now. One of the few that can still handle DVD-Audio and SACD, Oppo has been all about high-end audio for their entire history, and now they’re moving into high-end headphones with the PM-1.

Majority of Sony Stores to close

Want to shop for Sony products at the mall? Chances are, you won’t be able to soon, Sony said this afternoon. About two-thirds of its U.S. stores are going bye-bye as part of a wide-ranging company restructuring it announced earlier this month.

Audiophile Myth Busted: Burning in Headphones

Equipment burn-in is gospel among a certain sect of audiophiles.  But is it necessarily applicable for all audio devices? Granted, it sounds more logical than elevating your power cords on wooden blocks and tracing the outside of your CDs with green markers to repel stray laser beams or something to give your gear a little more »

New Onkyo Headphones Boast iOS Compatibility

Onkyo this morning announced the addition of two new headphones to its lineup — the ES-CTI300 on-ear and IE-CTI300 in-ear headphone — each of which looks a lot like its forebears, but for the addition of inline controls and microphones compatible with iOS devices. Aside from the addition of the three button remote, which delivers play/pause, track more »


Cambridge Audio DacMagic XS Adds Weight to Your Laptop Listening, But Not Much Mass

Two tech trends are ruining the quality of your music. And no, I don’t mean MP3s and iPhones. I mean the fact that the computer is becoming the primary source of entertainment for many listeners, and yet the desktop computer — with its potential for decent sound cards and robust sound — is going the more »

What the Heck Is Inearpeace? Om Audio Explains

Let’s get down to brass tacks here: you and I both probably see another earbud announcement from yet another new company and roll our eyes in unison, right? This is one that you and I both should pay attention to, though. It comes from a company called Om Audio, which was founded by “a group of more »