Monolyth improves AC units with control, energy savings

With the growing concerns about human’s environmental impact, many people are understanding that less can mean more. Less waste, less consumption, and less harvesting of finite resources means a better situation for every living thing on the planet. Even if you don’t believe that human activity has been contributing to climate change (although you should), more »

Haiku smart ceiling fan senses, monitors, thinks

Many homes still use ceiling fans, which are a great way to circulate air in a room without using as much energy to cool an entire house. And if you’re going to stick with a ceiling fan, it might as well be a smart one.


Turn your favorite AC unit into a smart one with Sensibo

The energy costs for heating and cooling can be huge, especially during the peak of winter or summer months. One of the main reasons why costs can be excessive is due to mismanagement of temperature. If the AC is set too low while no one is home, it’s working on overtime to keep a house unnecessarily cool.

Start smart home monitoring and control with SAM

Whether you’re jealous and/or intrigued by all these ‘smart’ gadgets and appliances hitting the market, it doesn’t mean that what you own now is no good. With the right equipment, you too can smarten up your home. How easy, you ask? Well, if you can plug stuff into a wall socket and operate a smartphone more »

Emerson’s Sensi Wifi thermostat takes AA batteries

Emerson has been in the thermostat and HVAC controls industry for a while, but today it’s going wireless with an app-controllable WiFi thermostat called the Sensi. Like other WiFi thermostats, you can control Sensi using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Emerson says that Sensi is part of a larger play in their platform for the connected home.


Home automation upgrades to lead residential trends

When someone mentions that they’re planning to remodel part of the home, what comes to mind first? Kitchen? Bathrooms? Spacious, walk-in closets? While it may be true now, all of that is soon to change. As the internet of things picks up pace to grace various aspects of the home, automation is predicted to be a hot remodeling trend in years to come.

Is Nest thermostat ‘smart’ enough to overcome a lawsuit?

Ever since the Nest learning thermostat became widely available to consumers, the popularity has soared. People are attracted to a home heating and cooling solution that saves on energy costs. The Nest learns your schedule and programs itself accordingly, promising to lower bills by up to 20 percent. It’s too bad it won’t work on more »


What does the smart home of the future look like?

Intelligent homes are nothing new. Manufacturers like Crestron, AMX, Control4, Elan, Savant, and others have been playing the home automation game for years, decades even. These OG home automation systems require a custom integrator to install, usually have some hard-wired element, and are intuitive, sophisticated, feature-rich, and highly functional.

Warm toes remotely with Nuheat’s wireless radiant floor heating

Where I live, we’ve actually been rocking the single digits, making radiant floor heating–which warms the actual body of the house and not just the air inside it–an incredible thing. This not only keeps your tootsies warm in winter but helps to alleviate drafts and cold exterior walls.

Control your ‘Mother’ like never before

As my sister once described it, being a mom is a ‘total ass-whoop’, and you need every shred of help you can get. But if have endless supplies of energy, you really don’t have anything to complain about, do you? Permanent LED smiles don’t hurt, either.

Slick ELAN g! system helps Brooklyn manager impress indie musicians

Many unlucky stiffs might as well call the office ‘home’, while others can do their work in their pajamas. But for some, socializing plays a huge part in career success, causing the lines between home and office to blur. For this self-made music manager located in Brooklyn, entertaining at home is simply part of the job. It’s more »


Proofpoint reveals ‘Internet of things’ cyberattack

Today Proofpoint, a security service provider, put out a press release that reveals a cyberattack coming from smart appliances–the first such documented Internet of Things (IoT) attack. More than 750,000 malicious emails were sent from 100,000+ compromised connected home appliances and gadgets, including routers, TVs, and a connected fridge. Considering that the market is flooded with such devices, it brings up some important security questions.