TechnologyTell Review: Cambridge Audio Bluetone 100

With all the audio options available to consumers, there is little reason to not find a product that is just right. They come in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes, fit for practically anyone. As of late, portable Bluetooth wireless speakers have been immensely popular. We love to bring our music with us, more »

Sonos Studio NYC merges art, tech and music

Sonos, a company that has long pursued the perfect merger of music with technology, furthered that cause—with a strong artistic flair—as it previewed its Sonos Studio NYC experience on Sept. 30. The attraction will be open through Oct. 5th. Held at the Neue House—an experimental office space at 110 E. 25th St.—Sonos Studio NYC is more »

Simplify the home music system with Cambridge Audio One

True music lovers can and will play from a variety of different sources. As such, having a proper audio setup at home is pretty key. But, more often than not, having a comprehensive listening environment requires a number of separate devices: digital analog converter (DAC), amplifier, tuner, and CD player, to name a few. Sure, more »

8 funky, strange, cool home audio and video finds

While you won’t find all of these products in America, and many of them are made to order, there are some unusual, and in some instances, downright awesome, electronics to be found on the WWW. Here are some of the more interesting products we’ve stumbled upon using the Houzz app. Whether you laugh, cry, or get out your wallet, we hope you enjoy these bizarre finds.

Exterior LED lights + snow = scary icicles

Hidden in the glare are multiple 3-foot icicles as big around as a broomstick. Why is this new? Well, incandescent lights are really hot things, and that old lamp must’ve gotten toasty warm. The LED’s heat is localized and much cooler, so the snow melts, runs down, and refreezes, quickly forming icicles of enormous size. These icicles can get big enough, and when combined with a 30 foot fall can pack quite a whallop on cars, people, and property.

New Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series speakers are versatile, powerful

Positioned at the lower-end of Bowers & Wilkins’ lineup price-wise, the new 600 Series is designed to bring the company’s legendary sound to more people than ever before.

iUi Design MINI Cooper speaker is too cute

If you are a fan of the MINI Cooper, take a gander at iUi Design’s MINI Cooper Mirror BoomBox Bluetooth speaker, which is actually made in the molding of a MINI Cooper side mirror (mirror included) and sports the official MINI Cooper logo.


The sexiest new home audio speakers for 2014

There are speakers…and then there are speakers. Speakers that are sexy, powerful, sleek, big even. Speakers that throw caution to the wind and risk pissing off your interior designer. Speakers that are towering works of art. Speakers that laugh at the thought of being hidden in a wall. Speakers that might just kick your ass if you don’t give them the proper respect. We love them paired with their shorter, but mighty henchman, the subwoofer.

Audience Announces ClairAudient 1+1 Loudspeaker

A new loudspeaker from Audience has made its debut. The ClairAudient 1+1 is a bi-pole, front- and rear-radiating speaker. Audience’s proprietary A3-S full-range drivers, placed both in front and in back, provide, in Audience’s view: extremely flat frequency response from 50Hz to 22kHz (depending on room placement), eliminating the need for a separate woofer, midrange driver, more »


Here’s the KICKER: New Amphitheater BT2 Wireless Audio System Debuts

KICKER has introduced its Amphitheater BT2 wireless audio system. Built to rest on a desktop or bookshelf, it uses Bluetooth to pair with smartphones, tablets and computers. You want specs? We got specs. The Amphitheater BT2 features a 50-watt DSP-optimized internal amplifier, five-inch drivers, 0.75-inch silk-dome tweeters and a six-inch square reflex subwoofer. A USB port is onboard for charging more »

KEF Introduces New X300A Wireless Speaker with Built-In AirPlay and DLNA

Leading up to CEDIA EXPO next week, KEF has tipped its hand on a couple of new products that will officially debut at the show. The first, an updated version of the company’s renowned X300A speaker, is simply dubbed the X300A Wireless. It features the same Uni-Q drivers as the original X300A, the same dedicated Class more »


Grace Digital Introduces Bluetooth-Equipped Bookshelf Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are all the rage at the moment, but of course, most of the offerings on the market are self-contained, with stereo drivers housed in one box. That, of course, makes them pretty limited in terms of imaging and range. Not a problem if you’re a couple of feet away, of course, but if more »