Simplify the home music system with Cambridge Audio One

True music lovers can and will play from a variety of different sources. As such, having a proper audio setup at home is pretty key. But, more often than not, having a comprehensive listening environment requires a number of separate devices: digital analog converter (DAC), amplifier, tuner, and CD player, to name a few. Sure, more »

5 home theater design tips for a fab room

While it may look effortless, home theater design can be tricky. Geting a media room that has both the performance and aesthetics you desire isn’t as simple as plopping a bunch of gear into a room and hitting play. It’s a little more complicated than that.

MartinLogan teases us with Neolith hybrid electrostatic speaker

MartinLogan revealed the company’s new electrostatic speaker, Neolith, today. The Neolith is largely based off the company’s original hybrid electrostatic loudspeaker, the iconic Monolith, which was released in 1983. It was then that MartinLogan unveiled the gossamer thin transparent diaphragm, represented an exciting new direction for electrostatic technology.

KEF introduces Blade Two and updates Reference line at Munich High End

A lot of cool stuff coming out of the Munich High End show today, and KEF is front and center with revisions to two of its high-endiest speaker lines, the Blade Two (an addition to the Blade family) and the KEF Reference series.

Gibson seals Philips deal, picks up WOOX Innovations

Gibson Brands has been making very deliberate strides towards the goal of creating an empire over the past few years. The path of growth has brought such companies as Onkyo and TEAC into the fold. But the most recent deal is probably the biggest and most important step towards the path of worldwide leadership in music and sound.


The art of subwoofer placement

Ed Mullen has served as the director of technology and customer service for SVS for almost a decade. During this time, he has been asked and answered nearly every question about subwoofer speaker and placement imaginable. Here, he tells us how to find the best spot for your subwoofer.

Can you find the speaker in this picture? Our 7 favorite design-tech companies

Every home has its issues, whether it is an ominous pillar in the middle of your proposed media room, awkward room dimensions, or difficult room materials with which to work. Luckily, there are a lot of brilliant manufacturers who are creative enough to offer design solutions that make your home both high-tech and high-style. Here are our favorite solutions-based companies that provide the best of technology and design with an eye on keeping your home beautiful and serene.

How about an $80,000 speaker? Meridian has you covered

It’s not every day you get to write about an $80,000 speaker. But, well, here we are. The day has arrived. One of the top brands in the high-end home audio business, Meridian, just announced that its Special Edition (SE) DSP Digital Active Loudspeakers are now available to order.

Yes you can! Create a small home theater in any room with these 5 tips

Most people think they have to overhaul a sprawling basement or game room in order to create a true home theater experience. But that’s certainly not the case. You can create a true home theater, a room that lets you escape from the outside world and immerse yourself in top-notch audio and larger-than-life video in so much as a spare room.

5 quick tweaks for better sound from your speaks

Does the sound from your speaker echo around the room? Does audio appear to be coming from the wrong speakers? Does the volume switch from unbearably loud to incredibly hard to hear? If so, read on. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves that will help you get a better sound experience.

Take your home theater from blah…to hell yeah with these 5 tips

We used to talk about the wow factor a lot in the home theater biz–that intangible that makes friends’ eyes light up when they enter your home theater. We don’t talk about it so much anymore, what with all the design-oriented solutions that have sort of taken over.

The Soundwall speaker embraces music with hanging art

At one point in history, speakers were simply a means to produce some pleasant audio. It must have been easier back then to choose something to bring home, as those options would be considered limited by current standards.