Celluon PicoPro, PicoAir pocket projectors now available

If there is one thing to know about using projectors, is that the cool factor is inversely proportional with the size. Smaller projectors make the fun blast right through the roof! I find the concept to be similar to that of desktop PCs vs. laptops or even mobile devices. Tech and gadgets are far more enjoyable when they’re portable.

Totally wireless, Flicks delivers home audio, video anywhere

If you’ve ever used a projector for entertainment purposes, you probably know how terrible the built-in speakers are. I keep a compact speaker alongside my projector, since the difference in audio is like night and day. But that’s just for quick/mobile convenience. If I’m setting up the projector for plush movie-viewing, I’m reaching for the more »

TechnologyTell Review: Celluon PicoPro laser projector

Ahhh, projectors. The ones we have now are so much better than those of yesteryear. They’re more portable, more affordable, and more powerful. What’s not to like? Most all of us have experienced mobile music via connected smartphones, streaming services, and Bluetooth wireless headphones. But how about mobile movies? I’m so seriously, you guys. You more »

Keecker launches, brings new meaning to mobile media

If you’re interested in some seriously inventive and powerful computer hardware, you’re going to want to check out the Keecker project up on Kickstarter. It’s called the world’s first ‘HomePod’, but it looks more like an 80s throwback of a futuristic robot pet. Don’t distract yourself with its appearance; you can always add decals, racing more »

Sonos Studio NYC merges art, tech and music

Sonos, a company that has long pursued the perfect merger of music with technology, furthered that cause—with a strong artistic flair—as it previewed its Sonos Studio NYC experience on Sept. 30. The attraction will be open through Oct. 5th. Held at the Neue House—an experimental office space at 110 E. 25th St.—Sonos Studio NYC is more »

Epson announces five new home theater projectors

Epson today announced new Pro Cinema projectors with 3LCD Reflective laser technology, as well as the new Home Cinema 3000-Series of 2D and 3D Full HD 1080p projectors.

BenQ introduces two new front projectors

Now you have two new options for front projection, as BenQ America, which bills itself as the top-selling DLP projector brand in The Americas, today introduced its “next-generation” Colorific home entertainment projectors, the 3D-capable, 1080p HT1075 ($1,199) and HT1085ST ($1,299), which will be available next month.


Review: Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge screen

Screens have always been lacking in the industrial design department. After all, there is not much you can do with a bright white or murky grayish flap of material other than hang it on the wall and enjoy the great image it has to offer. Even screen frames are lackluster–literally. They are often made of black velvet material meant to absorb light spilling over from the designated image area onto the frame.

Want a HUGE image? Here’s how…

In the race for the so-called biggest flat-panel, manufacturers can really get into the game of oneupmanship, and are flat panels are getting bigger every year. But for a really, really big image, why not consider a two-piece projection system?

5 buys under $300 to make your Spring Break stay-cation a blast

Make your Stay-cation more like an Away-cation this Spring Break by thinking outside the box with the help of a little home technology. Here are our top 5 tips that will help you get away from it all, without leaving home.

SIM2 introduces seven super-bright projectors starting at $20K

The Italians are known to do many things well–flattery, luxury goods, sports cars, exotic leather, glass, fine wine, lazing on the beach, and, thanks to SIM2, projectors. Known for innovation and video performance, SIM2 introduced not one but seven new projectors this month alone.

For the Budjet-Minded Non-Vampire: Screen Innovations Slate Screen

We all know that traditionally, projection screens and ambient light don’t mix. And some of us prefer watching movies on a big screen during the day without that being shrouded in total darkness. Yet, for a really big image, projection is often the way to go; flat panels at larger sizes (they currently go up to more »