TechnologyTell Review: Nyrius Aries Home+ HD transmitter

You had been struck with this vision to create the perfect home theater layout for some time before. As the new HDTV is being unpacked, you’re moving furniture, clearing wall space for a mounting bracket, and relocating power strips. “Ah, it’s going to be perfect”, you think, since you’ve never liked watching TV in the more »

Win $48K in prizes, 4K TV, in Samsung and h.h. gregg’s ‘Super 48 Giveaway’

Want to upgrade your home theater before the big game and watch it in on a brand-new Samsung 65-inch 4K or 50-inch LED TV? Then head on over to h.h. gregg or the company’s Facebook page and enter the Super 48K Giveaway for a chance to win electronics prizes from both Samsung and h.h. gregg.

Blu-ray 4K Confirmed, UltraViolet Right Behind

Yesterday we posted a report from The Australian, who published a claim from Samsung that Blu-ray 4K would be available around the end of the year. Today, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed it with the Blu-ray Disc association. The DECE, who administrates UltraViolet, was right behind them. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Blu-ray Disc Association more »

Last-Minute Room-By-Room Home Technology Gift Guide

It’s crunch time now to get your special someone a gift for the holidays—and what better gift can you give than the gift of technology? In this holiday gift guide, we take you through every room of the house and offer ideas for high-tech gear and gadgets that will make your home that much more entertaining, fun, cozy, smart, green, cool, and convenient.

Atlantic Broadband Becomes First Cable Provider to Offer New TiVo Service

Remember TiVo? We sure do. For our money, it’s still the best DVR we’ve ever experienced, and it certainly pioneered and popularized the category. Even the sounds the product made are well-known cultural memes. Unfortunately, the proliferation of cable DVRs along with increased adoption of free VOD have pushed  out of the spotlight over the more »

Coby’s New Owners Won’t Honor Old Warranties

Even if you tend to buy the nicer things, chances are good that you have some inexpensive gear that you bought to be basically disposable, or for the kids so that when they inevitably drop it, it’s not a huge loss. Coby was one of those brands that often fit the bill for those functions, more »


OPPO Adds Controversial Darbee Video Processing to BDP-103D Player

There’s one bit of tech that I saw at this year’s CEDIA EXPO that I decided not to report on immediately, if only to give myself some time to reflect and digest. DarbeeVision unveiled a new version of the OPPO BDP-103 Blu-ray player, which will feature integrated Darbee Visual Presence image processing on board. If more »

Samsung BD-P3600 Having Issues with Newer Movies

According to the readers of Consumer Reports and The Consumerist, the Samsung BD-P3600 is having a wee bit of trouble recently when it comes to playing new Blu-ray movies. Despite promises of firmware updates “within five days,” that time has stretched into weeks and months. On top of the fact that the player gets stuck more »


Review: Dish Network Hopper with Sling

This has turned out to be one of the most difficult and time consuming reviews I’ve ever written. You wouldn’t think that would be the case, since I reviewed Dish Network’s original Hopper last year, and on the surface, the Hopper with Sling is just a revved up version with new features and more power. more »

TiVo Goes Mobile with Roamio

TiVo has announced a new line of TiVO boxes dubbed Roamio  that represent the biggest update to the TiVo platform since the company went hi-def a few years back. Harry McCracken at Time Tech has what I believe to be the first full review of the device, and all in all it sounds promising. As you more »


Dish to Raycom: “Put That on Paper!”

It’s Day Six of the very public ongoing squabble between Raycom Media and Dish Network, which has resulted in some local broadcast affiliates in thirty-six markets disappearing from Dish. People (yes, including me) have been quick to take sides in this fight already, but late yesterday Dish Network director of programming Sruta Vootukuru dropped a bomb more »


Raycom Channels Go Dark on Dish in 36 Markets

I’ve been out of the loop a bit lately thanks to my dad’s knee replacement surgery this week, so I didn’t notice until today — when I was visiting him in the hospital — that there has been a battle brewing between Raycom — which is based here in Alabama and owns televisions stations all more »