Rupert Murdoch thinks Amazon, Netflix are too big. Duh.

Unless you’re the one in the lead, no one likes monopolies. Few people may understand this concept more than Rupert Murdoch, the 83-year-old founder of one of the world’s largest media conglomerates. If you’ve ever watched some TV, especially anything from 21st Century Fox, he’s made money off of it. But local and cable television more »


Google Nexus Player launches soon, relief for Ouya owners

Google really wants its hardware behind all the content you might enjoy on your home television sets. If you’ve been interested in a competitive alternative to Apple and Amazon, you’ll be able to preorder the Google Nexus Player soon, with the device hitting major retailers at the beginning of next month. The Nexus Player will more »

NanoTech to deliver native Ultra HD content to Sony TVs

Ultra HD TVs are receiving lots of hype (at least from TV manufacturers), but the bugaboo has been, and continues to be, the lack of “native” Ultra HD content to watch on them. Broadcast, cable/satellite and Blu-ray don’t yet offer it, although Amazon and Netflix are stepping forward with limited offerings. Today comes some welcome news for the category, as there’s going to be a little more to watch soon on demand.

Verizon’s internet TV in 2015 may be a la carte

One huge complaint about cable TV, which has persisted over time, is the lack of choice. I’m not talking about not having enough channels; we actually pay for too many. Out of those hundreds of channels you hand over hard-earned cash for, how many are watched with regularity? Ten? Twenty? For us, it’s about twelve, more »

Sanus and Sonos offering free stuff through #BetterSound Twitter contest

Want some free wireless audio gear and AV furniture? Get on it!

Smart TV Hisense Roku H4 to be available soon

When it comes to streaming internet media to television sets all over the world, Roku is a leader, if not the leader. Cable-cutting in favor of viewing online content has been made easier and more possible by Roku and all of its products. Now, the company has teamed up with Hisense, the fourth largest global more »


PlayOn giving away free Chromecast for cable-cutting

For the last couple of years, my local cable providers have been setting up aggressive pricing deals. At one point about 18 months ago, AT&T was giving either a tablet or $200 off for new customers signing a 1-year contract (for TV + internet). Surewest currently has internet and TV bundled for only $65 a more »

Access web, stream media with WD TV Personal Edition

Many of us like to backup and/or store content on external drives, which may or may not be immediately accessible. Videos can be stored here, music there, and they could be a mix of different file types too. If more than one user needs a drive at the same time, that just puts another little twist in the ease of accessibility. If you’ve been in this kind of situation and wondered if there is a quick and personal solution, Western Digital just might be it.


TVPRO brings PC, mobile features to TVs

As more consumers are looking to cutting cable, devices that provide greater utility from television sets are growing in popularity. Media players, HTPCs, and streaming devices make it to the top of the list.  With the right app and/or cables, users can share and experience their mobile content on the large screen, too. It beats more »

Kaleidescape beefs up UltraViolet support

Kaleidescape has added native UltraViolet support to the Kaleidescape store, with a bonus offered by no other retailer. Unlike the “HD” offered by retailers like Vudu or Flixster, Kaleidescape users will be able to download full Blu-ray Disc images for free on any UV title in their collection, and those added in the future. That’s more »


Need 4K Ultra HD content? NanoTech’s got it. But can you get it?

Today brings news that a bit more Ultra HD content is dripping out, although it’s not from a TV network, cable provider or disc player. Or even one of the major outboard media players like Roku, Chromecast or Amazon Fire.

FCC won’t allow net strangulation? Fingers crossed?

The internet has been a frenzy of fear and anger over the FCC’s recent net neutrality plan. Although the proposal is still up for a commission vote sometime this summer, it hasn’t stopped the public outcry. The new plan, intended to replace the existing open Internet order from 2010, is perceived as a way for more »