FCC won’t allow net strangulation? Fingers crossed?

The internet has been a frenzy of fear and anger over the FCC’s recent net neutrality plan. Although the proposal is still up for a commission vote sometime this summer, it hasn’t stopped the public outcry. The new plan, intended to replace the existing open Internet order from 2010, is perceived as a way for more »

Live like an A-lister with first-run movies at home

I recently read a post on FoodBeast in which insider employees spilled the literal and proverbial beans on all disgusting things you should never eat from various restaurants and establishments. One movie-theater worker confessed that employees put all the unused popcorn in garbage bags for use the next day and bugs run rampant on greasy theater floors.

Surprisingly, Polaroid Debuts 4K TV for $1,000

You know them from your parents’ photo albums and the recent resurgence in Polaroid pics among hipsters via outlets like Urban Outfitters, but now, the instant camera manufacturer is turning toward TVs with a new line that will be on display at the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show. Polaroid will debut a 50” Smart TV that more »

Set-Top Box Energy Conservation Agreement Makes Us Skeptical But Hopeful

This all sounds wonderful. But a lot of press releases sound wonderful and then prove rather tricky when the rubber hits the road. Especially when the slowwww-moving, myopic, self-protect-at-all-costs cable industry is involved.

Last-Minute Room-By-Room Home Technology Gift Guide

It’s crunch time now to get your special someone a gift for the holidays—and what better gift can you give than the gift of technology? In this holiday gift guide, we take you through every room of the house and offer ideas for high-tech gear and gadgets that will make your home that much more entertaining, fun, cozy, smart, green, cool, and convenient.


Shop Smart TVs this Season

This holiday season, if you’re looking for a new TV, why not go smart? A new crop of Smart TVs is vying for position as home media hub, with the TV itself connecting to the Internet and aggregating all your favorite media services and more without the need for an outboard media device, like Roku, more »

Hisense H6 Smart TVs Launch, Powered by Android

Hisense H6 Smart TVs just launched have the latest Google services for TV powered by Android 4.2.2. and are available in 40-inch, 50-inch, and 55-inch models all powered by Marvell’s ARMADA 1500 Plus (88DE3108) HD Media processor and remote with voice control capabilities.

Walmart Green Monday Ressurects Black Friday Deals

It’s pretty clear that in the race to win customers during the holiday season, there is no shortage of deals. In addition to all the ‘Cyber Monday Sales Extended’ e-mails that flooded inboxes this week and Black Friday morphing into Black Friday ‘Weekend’, now it’s time to think about the deals and steals we will all be enjoying on Green Monday, the second Monday in December (December 9) and a historically good day for online sales.

Kaleidescape Gives Away 50 Free Movies to New Cinema One Buyers

Kaleidescape made big waves earlier this year when it introduced its $3,995 Cinema One system, which boasts all of the DVD ripping and movie server capabilities of its much more expensive predecessors in a much more affordable package, along with a new Kaleidescape store that gives customers access to fully Blu-ray sized, Blu-ray quality digital more »

PRIMA Cinema is Coming to IMAX Private Theatres

Back in September, we brought you the news that Mozaex servers were being positioned as the main media backbone in IMAX Private Theatre installations. This week, word comes from Electronic House that those won’t be the only servers gracing the spectacular $2 million home cinemas. IMAX has acquired a stake in PRIMA Cinema, and the new more »

Lionsgate Movies and TV Shows Coming to Kaleidescape Store

Kaleidescape has announced that it just signed a multi-year agreement with Lionsgate that will result in the addition of roughly 2,000 new titles to the Kaleidescape Store catalog. The new agreement adds titles such as The Hunger Games, Twilight, and Apocalypse Now to the growing list of movies and TV series available to download in bit-for-bit Blu-ray quality on more »


Kaleidescape Upgrades Download Store

Walmart’s Vudu and Best Buy’s CinemaNow have been doing the home-based disc-to-digital thing for a while now, allowing users to insert their disc into a computer and pay a few bucks for an HD quality UltraViolet copy. But nobody is doing disc-to-digital quite like Kaleidescape, the king of digital media servers. The company has added new more »