BrightSwitch automatically shuts lights off, saves energy at home

If you’re like me, minimizing resource waste is a lifestyle. I don’t overwater (good thing, since Sacramento has “water police”), I don’t overload the washer or dishwasher, and I hang clothes to dry in the oven that we call a garage (especially effective in the summer). But most importantly, I shut off lights when they’re more »

Bright lighting ideas: a SlimStyle floodlight and biorhythm adjusted bulbs

Philips’ new  SlimStyle interior floodlight, the BR30 ($12.97), gives homeowners more options and brings LED efficiency to more fixtures in your home. Like the original SlimStyle bulb released at the beginning of this year, the SlimStyle BR30 has a streamlined slim shape and the uniform light distribution of an incandescent floodlight, without the bulky heat sink you more »

Windows 8.1 gets exclusive home control with INSTEON

orget smartwatches. If you want to feel savvy and upgrade with tech, home automation is the way to go. What used to be a complex and involving process has been made affordable and accessible by the best companies out there. One of the top manufacturers of home automation and control technology, INSTEON, has announced its latest app version will be available for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8 devices starting next month.

Start smart home monitoring and control with SAM

Whether you’re jealous and/or intrigued by all these ‘smart’ gadgets and appliances hitting the market, it doesn’t mean that what you own now is no good. With the right equipment, you too can smarten up your home. How easy, you ask? Well, if you can plug stuff into a wall socket and operate a smartphone more »

ADT, Life360 team up for personal and home security

When it comes to the Internet of things bestowing the powers of connectivity to the modern home, security and monitoring leads the pack. These days, surveillance goes beyond catching would-be burglars in the act. It has also become a means to keep abreast of emergencies, such as fire, or to keep an eye on loved more »

Get a more natural-looking light bulb with Acandescence

We love a good LED light bulb. But some consumers find their light too different from the incandescents they are used to, finding them harsher and more bluish in color. If you’re one of these peeps, then the Finally Light Bulb Company has good news for you. The company’s Acandescence technology, developed by Finally founder more »


LED bulb prices plunge as competition ramps up

LED bulbs are cool the touch, last up to 35 years, are more energy efficient than incandescents, and are getting better and better in terms of color of light. Traditionally, however, they’ve come with a higher price tag than their predecessors.


Home automation upgrades to lead residential trends

When someone mentions that they’re planning to remodel part of the home, what comes to mind first? Kitchen? Bathrooms? Spacious, walk-in closets? While it may be true now, all of that is soon to change. As the internet of things picks up pace to grace various aspects of the home, automation is predicted to be a hot remodeling trend in years to come.

Landscape lighting gets smart control with first Bluetooth landscape LED

You can control pretty much everything inside your home these days with your smartphone, witness the slew of smart bulbs that started with Phillips Hue and has launched a whole new category of connected LED bulb. But what about landscape lighting? Now, Hubbell Lighting is taking that smart-bulb functionality outside with what they are saying more »

Airbulb is a speaker and a color-changing LED light bulb

Talk about one device that does it all. The Airbulb Color is not just a light bulb. It’s not just an energy-saving LED smart bulb that you can control with your phone or tablet. That’s right, it’s also a speaker. And in an era where homeowners are trying to hide technology into every nook and cranny, it makes a lot of sense if you can tuck a speaker into a light bulb. Everywhere you have light, you have music! The company dubs it “A LED Bulb with Enjoyment.” Sure, it might me a bit more like something you’d find in Skymall versus a high-end AV store, it’s certainly a novel concept

Bluetooth looking to be the key to Internet of Things

Bluetooth is known to most people from the land of their phones. First introduced as a low power way to connect a wireless headset, the protocol soon expanded to stereo headsets, and now to control the internet of things. More and more, smartphones and tablets are becoming the centerpiece and remote control of our electronic more »

Samsung app to control home appliances, devices

While companies battle it out to secure wrist-related real estate, Samsung has been busy with big-picture ideas. You think that a smartwatch is cutting edge? How about automating your entire home with just one app? Samsung has just announced the global launch of the Samsung Smart Home service. Soon enough, consumers will be able to connect to their home appliances and electronics from anywhere.