Your music sucks, The Distortion of Sound explains why

Portable media, in the form of MP3s and digital players, has been around for so long that many of us might have forgotten how music used to be. Some of us have been born into this age, never really having had much (if any) experience with vinyl, 8-track, cassettes, or even CDs. That ancient tech more »

Music Review: Devotion by Anberlin

When a band issues a special edition of an album a number of months after the regular edition comes out, I usually bristle. It just seems like a cash grab, or a way to stick it to your “day one” fans – those who have already purchased the album in question. When I found out more »


Music Review: Icon for Hire

When artists face criticism, they can do one of two things: they can wave a middle finger to critics and continue on, or they can take the criticism to heart and try to reinvent themselves in the future. Icon for Hire, a female-fronted rock band from Illinois, faced (largely unfair) allegations of being just another more »


Music Review: Asymmetry by Karnivool

My first thought upon listening to Karnivool’s  was, “Wow! These guys must be really good at math.” After the ambient opener, “Aum,” the track “Nachash” kicked in and I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into. The band seemed to be playing different songs, layered over each other, but somehow it coalesced into music. more »

Proto Playlists (Pt. 2): More Compilations Explored

Back in the day — and by “the day” I mean the days before the Internet even existed, and before “playlist” had anything to do with Apple devices — a number of entrepreneurial record labels large and small had the wise idea to assemble a bunch of music by their most popular artists onto single- more »


16-Bit Records, Frozen in Time

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you probably know that the Compact Disc is a 16-bit audio playback medium.  But did you ever consider that some of the actual recording devices used for making digital music (especially during the 1980s) were also 16-bit? Thus, in theory, no matter what remastering and remixing is done, the more »

Lost and Found Pt. II – Meet Wally, Randy, and Bob

Go figure, I keep finding interesting music worth keeping on your radar that got lost in the sauce for whatever reason.  You might have seen my piece  last week on this topic (if not, click here to catch up). Here are some “new” finds from recent crate digs. Wally — I first saw this album more »

Proto Playlists (Pt. 1): Fun Finds on LP Compilations

Playlists are cool. But you know what? Back in the day before the Internet or digital music even existed — remember that? — a number of entrepreneurially-minded LP record labels had the wise idea to compile a bunch of music by their most popular (and some less popular but often equally good) artists onto single more »


Lost and Found: Early ’70s Rock Gems Rediscovered

We “crate diggers” (as we’re known) — obsessive collectors of obscure vinyl albums that end up in old milk crates in someone’s garage sale or a flea market or thrift shop — often come across some seriously unusual and rare finds. We buy these discs because of a curious album cover design, or a label more »


Close to the Grail: Will Yes Get This One Right?

Of all the progressive rock bands out there in the music universe, few have been more disjointed in their product release marketing than England’s pioneering group, Yes.  I am hoping that a just-announced restoration and reissue of their classic 1972 opus Close to the Edge will mark the beginning of a major change in how the more »

Wine, Whining & Rock ‘n Roll Greatness

It’s pretty obvious that I like music. A lot. What many of you probably don’t know is that I’m a bit of a foodie. Not one of the snobby ones, but I do discern between a good burger and a mediocre one, a great French meal and one that is doing things wrong or by more »

Lost Treasures: The Glitterhouse Shines On

I recently picked up a copy of the soundtrack to Jane Fonda’s ’60s camp sci-fi cult film , which has been reissued at an affordable price on spiffy red vinyl. It’s nothing special, but neat to have, because I’m a fan of the group that sang on the movie’s theme song, The Glitterhouse. And it gives me more »