ARCHT One is a 360 speaker disguised as art

If you’re one to observe upon and believe most speakers out there tend to be boxy, you’d be right. These rectangular shapes of varying dimensions sit vertically or horizontally in living spaces, typically close to a wall. Depending on the speaker brand, size, and power, some areas of that room will have better-sounding music than more »

Simplify the home music system with Cambridge Audio One

True music lovers can and will play from a variety of different sources. As such, having a proper audio setup at home is pretty key. But, more often than not, having a comprehensive listening environment requires a number of separate devices: digital analog converter (DAC), amplifier, tuner, and CD player, to name a few. Sure, more »

Take your home theater from blah…to hell yeah with these 5 tips

We used to talk about the wow factor a lot in the home theater biz–that intangible that makes friends’ eyes light up when they enter your home theater. We don’t talk about it so much anymore, what with all the design-oriented solutions that have sort of taken over.

New Bowers & Wilkins 600 Series speakers are versatile, powerful

Positioned at the lower-end of Bowers & Wilkins’ lineup price-wise, the new 600 Series is designed to bring the company’s legendary sound to more people than ever before.


The sexiest new home audio speakers for 2014

There are speakers…and then there are speakers. Speakers that are sexy, powerful, sleek, big even. Speakers that throw caution to the wind and risk pissing off your interior designer. Speakers that are towering works of art. Speakers that laugh at the thought of being hidden in a wall. Speakers that might just kick your ass if you don’t give them the proper respect. We love them paired with their shorter, but mighty henchman, the subwoofer.

Slick ELAN g! system helps Brooklyn manager impress indie musicians

Many unlucky stiffs might as well call the office ‘home’, while others can do their work in their pajamas. But for some, socializing plays a huge part in career success, causing the lines between home and office to blur. For this self-made music manager located in Brooklyn, entertaining at home is simply part of the job. It’s more »


Paradigm’s Studio 100 and Studio CC-590: My New Reference Speaker System

I’ve reviewed a good number of speakers in my time here at HomeTechTell, and although the intent with any review is always to discuss and evaluate a speaker on its own terms, we tech writers invariably have a reference speaker system to which we compare everything else. And by “reference,” I don’t necessarily mean “the more »

Bryston Follows Up Model T Speakers with Model A. How Long Until We See the Bryston Thunderbird?

After releasing its very first speaker model earlier this year, it’s nice to see that legendary amp manufacturer Bryston isn’t resting on its laurels. Following up on the Model T, the company has announced that a new speaker lineup — dubbed Model A — will be making its official debut at CEDIA Expo 2013 in more »

Bowers & Wilkins’ New Flagship CM10 Speaker Will Make You Drool

How much play money do you have in your bank account at the moment? If the number is less than $4,000, you might want to go ahead and click back on the homepage, because Bowers & Wilkins’ new CM10 is a “shut up and take my money!” kind of loudspeaker. Positioned at the top of more »

SVS Sweetens 45-Day Trial with Free Return Shipping

One of the few complaints I have about direct internet sales is the issue of risk. If you want to try out the new Denon receiver for yourself or hear Infinity’s new speakers, you can just bop down to your local Best Buy and make up your own mind. With direct-to-consumer companies like SVS, though, more »

Gryphon Audio Releases the Trident II Speaker System

Danish hi-fi company Gryphon Audio has announced the release of the Trident II Speaker System.  The unveiling met with a positive reception at The High End Show in Munich.  The company’s lofty goal was to reword the original Trident speaker, the Trident I, from the ground up, and not just release a series of minor more »


Innovative Technology Announces Bluetooth Tower and Soundbar

Innovative Technology (IT) has announced two Bluetooth-equipped sound systems for those looking to make a quick, affordable audio upgrade. The ITSB-200 Tower Stereo System and ITSB-201-37 Stereo Soundbar (37″) both feature wireless connection capabilities for streaming audio from your favorite smartphone or tablet, at distances up to 33 feet, as well as old-school FM reception with 20 more »