10 things you can buy instead of Samsung’s $120,000 TV

What kinds of things? Glad you asked.


You probably still don’t know or want Ultra HD TV

A study conducted by The Diffusion Group found that “short-term demand for 4K/Ultra HD televisions is hindered by two simple but structurally important fundamentals: a widespread lack of awareness among consumers and a marked sensitivity to the costs of these advanced sets.”

Samsung ranks highest in customer HDTV satisfaction report by J.D. Power

The global market research company J.D. Power today released a study that shows Samsung, LG, and Vizio rank among the highest in customer satisfaction when purchasing a high-definition television.  is rated the highest in both smaller than 50-inch and larger than 50-inch televisions. According to the report, customers are shopping on price when purchasing a more »

OmniMount shows the elegance of wall-mounted TVs

Before you go and buy a new or replacement flat-panel TV, consider how you want to view that screen. Sure, most models out there come with their own stand, but how about something a little more elegant for your modern living space? Television- and movie-watching becomes a slightly different and better experience when screens are more »


Cord cutting? RCA brings you free HD television

With the wide variety of entertainment options, consumers have more reason to cut cable television programming and save money. It’s bad enough that non-promotional prices are so high, let alone having to pay for the channels that are rarely (if ever) watched. With our current level of technology, sometimes it’s easy to forget that households more »

The message from the Your Next TV Ultra HD conference at CE Week: Hurry up and wait

If you’re considering whether or not to buy an Ultra HD TV, your decision wasn’t made any easier after the half-day Your Next TV conference, which was held this week during the growing industry-only event called CE Week in New York. Basically, the aggregate, conflicting message that emerged from the numerous panels was, “Ultra HD TV is awesome. You should buy it now! But wait, Ultra HD TV has a long ways to go until it’s mature. It’s too early to dive in.”

12 years ago, this 300-pound beast was the state of the art in HDTV

Believe it or not, HDTVs have been around since the 1990s. They just didn’t become ubiquitous until the late 2000s, for various reasons — price and lack of content chief among them (the same thing is happening with Ultra HD TV right now). There were plasma and LCD flat panels back in 2002, but the bulkier, traditional CRT (cathode ray tube) was still considered as providing the best picture (as well as, by far, the least expensive option). And the Sony KV-40XBR800 CRT HDTV was the Cadillac of CRT HDTVs.

Vizio’s new LED line, sound bars arrive

Vizio announced Tuesday morning that its  2014 M-Series Full-Array LED backlit LCD HDTV is now shipping. The new TVs boast Full-Array LED backlighting and up to 36 Active LED Zones, doubling the amount in the 2013 models. In addition, the TVs offer a full smart TV experience, with the Vizio Internet Apps Plus, now featuring more »

Access web, stream media with WD TV Personal Edition

Many of us like to backup and/or store content on external drives, which may or may not be immediately accessible. Videos can be stored here, music there, and they could be a mix of different file types too. If more than one user needs a drive at the same time, that just puts another little twist in the ease of accessibility. If you’ve been in this kind of situation and wondered if there is a quick and personal solution, Western Digital just might be it.

LG OLED TV moves forward with flexible models planned for 2015

  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal says that LG Electronics is moving forward with plans to produce super-thin, bendable TV sets and will expand its lineup of OLED TVs, with plans for a “screen that can be made to curve” next year. LG OLED plans were announced on the heels of rival Samsung’s reported exit from more »


TVPRO brings PC, mobile features to TVs

As more consumers are looking to cutting cable, devices that provide greater utility from television sets are growing in popularity. Media players, HTPCs, and streaming devices make it to the top of the list.  With the right app and/or cables, users can share and experience their mobile content on the large screen, too. It beats more »

Mounting a TV yourself isn’t as hard as it seems

Welcome to our  series of guest blogs from the team at SANUS in which the company identifies common homeowner design problems and offers solutions. Here, SANUS’s Lauren Theobald explores how truly easy it is to mount a TV yourself with a little guidance and the help of a friend. (After you read it, we recommend you check out more »