Hollywood hops on the Dolby Atmos home theater train

Dolby Atmos is a new home theater audio technology that takes surround sound to the next level, with sounds coming from overhead in addition to all sides. We’ve seen numerous manufacturers introduce Dolby Atmos speakers and receivers over the last couple months. Now comes word that Dolby Atmos content is on the way to play on them.

Brother releases new monochrome laser printer line for small offices

Brother International Corporation has announced its latest line of monochrome laser printers and all-in-ones, which includes the HL-2270DW, for the SOHO (Small Office and Home Office) market. Despite the shift from paper to digital information sharing and the fact that we’d all love to save the trees, offices have yet to shake the need for reliable more »


WDYT? Research says DIY is the wave of the smart home future

e did an article a few months ago on the smart home of the future and what that will look like for consumers, in which we discussed the pros and cons of both the traditional home automation installation companies, like AMX, Crestron, Control 4, and others, and the new do-it-yourself breed of home automation products that you might find in say, a Home Depot that you can install yourself.

Emerson’s Sensi Wifi thermostat takes AA batteries

Emerson has been in the thermostat and HVAC controls industry for a while, but today it’s going wireless with an app-controllable WiFi thermostat called the Sensi. Like other WiFi thermostats, you can control Sensi using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Emerson says that Sensi is part of a larger play in their platform for the connected home.

FCC won’t allow net strangulation? Fingers crossed?

The internet has been a frenzy of fear and anger over the FCC’s recent net neutrality plan. Although the proposal is still up for a commission vote sometime this summer, it hasn’t stopped the public outcry. The new plan, intended to replace the existing open Internet order from 2010, is perceived as a way for more »

Onkyo introduces two network AV receivers that do several interesting things

It’s always a good day for home audio when Onkyo announces a new AV receiver, let alone two. And that’s exactly what’s going down.


Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat with Voice Control review

My electricity bills are astronomical. I mean, they are sincerely embarrassing. That’s no doubt due to the fact that the city I live in insisted we keep our old craftsman windows on the front of our little bungalow despite making us jump through hoops in other areas during our home remodel.

Aereo will soon be available on Chromecast

Aereo announced that they will soon join the Google Chromecast lineup of services on the eve of their arguments before the US Supreme Court. The Aereo service basically rents tiny antennas attached to streaming encoders that stream and offer DVR storage services.

Micro 3D, a $200 3D Printer hits Kickstarter

3D printers are definitely a hot thing right now, and we’re not just talking about molten plastic. The idea that you can produce objects in your house, almost like magic, is extremely appealing. However, cost, combined with the industrial nature of the devices has made them unappealing to many. The people behind the Micro 3D more »

Yes you can! Create a small home theater in any room with these 5 tips

Most people think they have to overhaul a sprawling basement or game room in order to create a true home theater experience. But that’s certainly not the case. You can create a true home theater, a room that lets you escape from the outside world and immerse yourself in top-notch audio and larger-than-life video in so much as a spare room.

‘Conscious Home’ will predict your habits, says Revolv

All the parts to make the smart home of the future are here; virtually every consumer appliance or piece of home electronics can be bought today with smart home technology embedded inside. The question is: How will you interact with those devices in your home? What information do you want from it? How do you want it delivered to you? How much is too much? And, what will you use as your command and control device?

Neil Young’s Pono music player Kickstarter hits $2.2 million

A few years ago, Neil Young had some big meetings with a man called Steve Jobs. Tired of the loss of quality in MP3s, Young felt that Apple’s power to drive technology into peoples’ hands could be instrumental in getting people to actually experience music again, instead of knowing it only as passive background noise.