Samsung ranks highest in customer HDTV satisfaction report by J.D. Power

The global market research company J.D. Power today released a study that shows Samsung, LG, and Vizio rank among the highest in customer satisfaction when purchasing a high-definition television.  is rated the highest in both smaller than 50-inch and larger than 50-inch televisions. According to the report, customers are shopping on price when purchasing a more »

Sentri steps beyond home security to personalize home monitoring

If you haven’t thought about setting up some form of home security system, it’s a great time to do so. Not only are monitoring cameras very affordable, installation and setup is a breeze. Users can have their equipment up and connected to mobile devices in no time at all. Many of the latest and greatest more »

Bluetooth envy? D-Link audio extender adds performance, enhancement

With all the latest Bluetooth speakers to hit the market, a lot of people are experiencing envy. No matter the kind of home speaker setup, it’s probably not as quick or convenient as streaming audio wirelessly through a mobile tablet or smartphone. The apps for those mobile devices make access to all sorts of music more »

Triad introduces 3 SlimSub subwoofers for all kinds of media spaces

Triad just introduced three– count ‘em, THREE– new high-performance SlimSub subwoofers to its lineup. Each subwoofer offers that same performance, but different convenient style options for everybody’s media space. The InRoom Bronze SlimSub can be stood up at 4.3 inches deep or laid face down under furniture. The product effectively boasts that it takes up no floor space more »

DXG Seeing Cam helps homeowners with DIY video monitoring

Home security is one of those services that almost everyone wants, yet only some can afford. Despite the upside of protection and included features, it’s still another monthly bill to tack on with the rest. But now that the internet of things has been expanding into the home, video monitoring is becoming easier and more more »

OmniMount shows the elegance of wall-mounted TVs

Before you go and buy a new or replacement flat-panel TV, consider how you want to view that screen. Sure, most models out there come with their own stand, but how about something a little more elegant for your modern living space? Television- and movie-watching becomes a slightly different and better experience when screens are more »

Love beer? Let SYNEK pour you a fresh glass anytime

Beer. It’s one of the few things that automatically improve an already-great situation. Lounging pool/lake/beachside? Better with beer. Enjoying a juicy, beefy burger? Always better with beer. Saturday night of Cards Against Humanity with a group of friends? Please, you already know the answer. Most of us head toward grocery or convenience stores in order more »

Philips Georgetown University discovers Baby Boomers fail to take necessary steps to insure independent lifestyle they desire

In a shocking new study performed by Georgetown University, it was discovered that 96% of Baby Boomers think it’s important to remain as independent as possible in old age, but only 21% plan to incorporate new technology solutions into their lives. According to the Global Social Enterprise Initiative (GSEI) at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of more »

KitchenAid unveils greener dishwasher for efficiency, savings

Electricity bills can be a killer, especially if your energy company likes to spike prices during the hottest and/or coldest parts of the year. Some power companies have daily schedules, where energy costs during non-peak hours are less. So running appliances such as washers, dryers, and dishwashers after-hours end up saving some money. But as more »

Pioneer to release new Dolby Atmos speaker system

Pioneer is releasing a new multi-dimensional audio experience with a line of Dolby Atmos-enabled Elite speakers and Elite SC series home theater receivers. The line is designed by Andrew Jones, Pioneer’s chief engineer. Atmos supports eight more speakers than Dolby TrueHD, meaning this line will support a whopping 64 speakers, offering theater-quality sound from all sides plus the ceiling, without more »


Cord cutting? RCA brings you free HD television

With the wide variety of entertainment options, consumers have more reason to cut cable television programming and save money. It’s bad enough that non-promotional prices are so high, let alone having to pay for the channels that are rarely (if ever) watched. With our current level of technology, sometimes it’s easy to forget that households more »

Yamaha releases two new Atmos-enabled Aventage AVRS

Yamaha’s Aventage line of A/V receivers that launched back in 2010 is about to get two new players that will bring audiophile quality design and performance to the game. The RX-A3040 and the RX-A2040 support Dolby Atmos surround sound for home media spaces. The new receivers will enhance systems so that sound comes from all more »