Jibo wants to be your family’s robot

From GadgeTell Having a home robot that does things for you while acting human is awesome, and it may finally be a possibility with Jibo. An Indiegogo project has launched for Jibo, and the project has already pulled in all of the funding necessary to turn Jibo into an actual product. Read the full post on GadgeTell »

Your music sucks, The Distortion of Sound explains why

Portable media, in the form of MP3s and digital players, has been around for so long that many of us might have forgotten how music used to be. Some of us have been born into this age, never really having had much (if any) experience with vinyl, 8-track, cassettes, or even CDs. That ancient tech more »

Onkyo unveils more Dolby Atmos-ready products

Last month, Onkyo made a splash by debuting high-end A/V receivers and controllers that support the emerging Dolby Atmos surround sound audio standard. Now the company is bringing the technology down the line to other products. Specifically, the standard is now supported in new home theater-in-a-box packages, a new speaker system, and a base-model A/V receiver.

h.h. gregg tops J.D. Power Appliance Retailer Satisfaction Study

Sears, Home Depot and Lowe’s are looking upwards at h.h. gregg when it comes to keeping home appliance buyers happy. So says the seventh edition of J.D. Power’s annual Appliance Retailer Satisfaction Study.

Monolyth improves AC units with control, energy savings

With the growing concerns about human’s environmental impact, many people are understanding that less can mean more. Less waste, less consumption, and less harvesting of finite resources means a better situation for every living thing on the planet. Even if you don’t believe that human activity has been contributing to climate change (although you should), more »

Growing up Sega: Sega-CD and 32X

From GamerTell Remember that time when the Genesis sprouted the 32X and Sega-CD? Read the full post on GamerTell »


PlayOn giving away free Chromecast for cable-cutting

For the last couple of years, my local cable providers have been setting up aggressive pricing deals. At one point about 18 months ago, AT&T was giving either a tablet or $200 off for new customers signing a 1-year contract (for TV + internet). Surewest currently has internet and TV bundled for only $65 a more »

Livescribe smartpens reach major retailers with new distribution deals

From GadgeTell Now, Livescribe has announced a number of new brick-and-mortar (or "IRL") distribution deals with major retailers including Best Buy, Apple, Staples, Fry's, T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint. Read the full post on GadgeTell »

Samsung ranks highest in customer HDTV satisfaction report by J.D. Power

The global market research company J.D. Power today released a study that shows Samsung, LG, and Vizio rank among the highest in customer satisfaction when purchasing a high-definition television.  is rated the highest in both smaller than 50-inch and larger than 50-inch televisions. According to the report, customers are shopping on price when purchasing a more »

Sentri steps beyond home security to personalize home monitoring

If you haven’t thought about setting up some form of home security system, it’s a great time to do so. Not only are monitoring cameras very affordable, installation and setup is a breeze. Users can have their equipment up and connected to mobile devices in no time at all. Many of the latest and greatest more »

Bluetooth envy? D-Link audio extender adds performance, enhancement

With all the latest Bluetooth speakers to hit the market, a lot of people are experiencing envy. No matter the kind of home speaker setup, it’s probably not as quick or convenient as streaming audio wirelessly through a mobile tablet or smartphone. The apps for those mobile devices make access to all sorts of music more »

Triad introduces 3 SlimSub subwoofers for all kinds of media spaces

Triad just introduced three– count ‘em, THREE– new high-performance SlimSub subwoofers to its lineup. Each subwoofer offers that same performance, but different convenient style options for everybody’s media space. The InRoom Bronze SlimSub can be stood up at 4.3 inches deep or laid face down under furniture. The product effectively boasts that it takes up no floor space more »