JBL cinema base, soundbar speakers available for preorder

When it comes to upgrading home entertainment experiences, a brand new TV isn’t the only answer. Sure, if you own a clunker that would do better in the garage or guest bedroom, new TV it is. But if you already own a great flat panel unit, then it’s going to be either furniture and/or audio more »

Keep homes healthy with WeMo enabled Smart Humidifier

Personally, I like my air as I do deadpan comedic humor – cold and dry. I remember the first time I ever visited the East coast as a kid. That first, fresh breath of summer air outside the airplane felt like I was gulping down a soggy sink sponge. It was a bit of a more »

Ultra HD TV buyers beware: Read the fine print

Oimgresne thing we always tell people when they ask about Ultra HD TV is to know that there isn’t much content for it yet (although that is slowwwly changing). The other is that the standards are still in flux, and there’s no guaranteeing that the Ultra HD TV (a.k.a., 4K TV) you buy today will work with the standards of tomorrow.

Hollywood hops on the Dolby Atmos home theater train

Dolby Atmos is a new home theater audio technology that takes surround sound to the next level, with sounds coming from overhead in addition to all sides. We’ve seen numerous manufacturers introduce Dolby Atmos speakers and receivers over the last couple months. Now comes word that Dolby Atmos content is on the way to play on them.

Harman Kardon introduces Omni HD Wireless Audio System

The Wi-Fi-based system features two wireless loudspeakers — the $199.95 Omni 10 and the $299.95 Omni 20 — along with the $129.95 Harman Kardon Adapt wireless adapter, which upgrades an existing home stereo system to be usable with the wireless music system.

Ultra HD TV disc player coming next year?

One of the biggest problems facing the rollout of Ultra HD TVs is that there’s no “native” Ultra HD content available to watch on them. There’s no Ultra HD TV channel yet, and there doesn’t seem to be one on the horizon. Although Netflix and Amazon will stream an extremely limited amount of Ultra HD content this year, it won’t be a panacea. And there’s no Ultra HD disc player, which would be the successor to the Blu-ray Disc player. Now there’s news that an Ultra HD player could be available by the end of 2015.

Skylink announces its latest smartphone controlled security system

When it comes to home monitoring, one of the first things that may come to mind is security and protection against theft. This is only a single aspect of such systems, as users have other priorities too. Keeping tabs on family members or pets easily makes it to the top of the list. The peace more »

Showcased at CES, Soundfreaq Double Spot now available

Soundfreaq has (finally) announced the availability of its Double Spot Bluetooth wireless speaker. I had been wondering about this one ever since I had the hands-on opportunity to check it out at CES 2014. It’s the design that drew me in – it could draw you in as well. When you’re a portable Bluetooth speaker, more »

Monster gets comfy, moves in homes with 3 hi-res speakers

Portable Bluetooth speakers are quite popular right now. Maybe too popular, as it seems that more are announced every other week. It is a pretty saturated market. So it makes sense for big audio companies to flex their strength and savvy, focusing more on audio and less on portable. Pound-for-pound, a home system will best more »

TechnologyTell Review: Pyle PDA5BU Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier

A lot of consumer attention has been focused on portable, wireless speakers. But what about the rest of us who prefer to jam to tunes blasted from bigger boxes? Thankfully, manufacturers haven’t forgotten about the home audio segment. In fact, they may be gearing up for an audio revolution, releasing new products to cater toward more »

LiftMaster garage door app now controls Nest thermostats

Now when the garage door is opened upon arriving home, MyQ can tell Nest that the user is home.

Monster celebrates 35th anniversary with new products, including SoundStage wireless music system

Monster celebrated its 35th anniversary in style at this month’s IFA show in Berlin, with several new product announcements.