Samsung SmartTV listens in, records private conversations

It goes to show that in this day and age it behooves consumers to be thoroughly familiar with all aspects and features of the tech they own. You never know just how “smart” some smart devices can be. If you own a Samsung SmartTV (or two or three), you might want to go and disable more »

Samsung pulls the switch on its LED lamp business

Samsung has been in a rough patch lately, as profits from its mobile business sales have been shrinking. Although they’ve been selling more smartphones overall, margins have been whittled away by steady marketing costs and falling sales prices. Just recently the company has announced its plan to discontinue making LED lights, an indicator that the more »

Samsung assimilates SmartThings for home automation domination

Without a doubt, the next big frontier for tech companies to focus on is home automation. With wearables still in question about their value and longevity, and the mobile market heavily saturated, new arenas to compete in must be sought out. Naturally, the players you’d expect to be there first – Apple, Google, and Samsung more »

10 things you can buy instead of Samsung’s $120,000 TV

What kinds of things? Glad you asked.

Samsung ranks highest in customer HDTV satisfaction report by J.D. Power

The global market research company J.D. Power today released a study that shows Samsung, LG, and Vizio rank among the highest in customer satisfaction when purchasing a high-definition television.  is rated the highest in both smaller than 50-inch and larger than 50-inch televisions. According to the report, customers are shopping on price when purchasing a more »

LG OLED TV moves forward with flexible models planned for 2015

  A recent article in the Wall Street Journal says that LG Electronics is moving forward with plans to produce super-thin, bendable TV sets and will expand its lineup of OLED TVs, with plans for a “screen that can be made to curve” next year. LG OLED plans were announced on the heels of rival Samsung’s reported exit from more »


TechnologyTell Review: Samsung SmartCam HD Pro home security camera

As the Internet of things continues to connect our modern homes in smart and accessible ways, consumers are set with a new range of products to consider. Home automation and upgrades are poised to lead residential trends. One key interest to homeowners is surveillance and monitoring. What used to be an involving process to set up more »


UHD TVs to reach a third of US households by 2020

ant Ultra HD but worried about it being too soon? A report today says that in the next six years, about a third of us will have UHD TVs in our homes. The study came from research company Strategy Analytics. It reports falling prices, improved upscaling capabilities, and consumer awareness will drive Ultra HD (UHD, aka 4K) into a third of homes by the year 2020.


Samsung OLED plans ditched for now

A few days ago, the Nikkei Asian Review reported that Samsung has ditched its plans for a new OLED manufacturing facility that was supposed to be erected by the end of 2014 due to the inefficiency of producing the TVs and the fact that the company’s OLED TVs didn’t do well last year because of stiff price competition.

Best Buy to showcase Samsung home entertainment experience

One of the benefits of being a tech giant is that you get to play and profit in multiple markets. Even though Samsung is bracing for tougher times in the mobile arena, the company as a whole will be able to ride it out. In case you haven’t noticed, Samsung isn’t pumping the kind of marketing funds into smartphones like it used to. But if you’re more into home entertainment, the company may just be getting warmed up.

Boxfish scores $7 million for social media cable box

Crawling through your cable guide looking for something to watch is a chore–all those redundant east/west and HD/SD feeds, all the programing  you don’t care about. Even if TV stations  produced content you could get into, you may not ever notice it as you rocket past on your way to ESPN.  Boxfish wants to change all more »

Samsung app to control home appliances, devices

While companies battle it out to secure wrist-related real estate, Samsung has been busy with big-picture ideas. You think that a smartwatch is cutting edge? How about automating your entire home with just one app? Samsung has just announced the global launch of the Samsung Smart Home service. Soon enough, consumers will be able to connect to their home appliances and electronics from anywhere.