Chevrolet Spark EV motor plant goes solar

The Chevrolet Spark EV electric motor plant in Baltimore, MD now has a full solar array and LEED certification, according to the automaker.

Chevrolet models to get Android Auto, Apple CarPlay

Chevrolet said its popular Cruze compact sedan is among 14 models from the automaker that will have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility for 2016.

U.S. headlights short on safety, AAA says

If you live where streetlights don’t, you already know what AAA says its studies reveal: Headlights in the U.S. are woefully inadequate.

Say hello to world’s fastest bullsh*t-burning bus

Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom: A bus service says it has set a land speed record for buses fueled by cow excrement.

Oops: Never assume a Volvo has pedestrian detection

A video surfaced this weekend showing a Volvo XC60 striking onlookers who thought the car had pedestrian detection and auto-braking. Uh, oops?

SoundRacer app gives your car Ferrari exhaust note — kind of

If you’ve ever wanted your bland commuter machine to sound like an exotic supercar, SoundRacer is the app for that.

CES Asia: Chinese Audis get Huawei LTE, Baidu CarLife

Audi has teamed with Huawei to develop a new LTE module for Chinese Audis. In addition, Chinese Audis will get integration of Baidu CarLife.

EV rebate makes comeback in TN

Weeks after Georgia ended its state-funded rebate for EV and PHEV purchases, Tennessee has announced its own EV rebate program is making a comeback.

These radar detector apps should help during your summer travels

If you’re traveling this Memorial Day weekend, you may want to look into radar detector or GPS smartphone apps. Considering all the warm-weather construction and the abundance of law enforcement officers who will be giving out tickets, this info could prove quite useful.

Oregon to test pay-per-mile scheme

Fuel economy’s up, and fuel tax revenues in Oregon apparently aren’t keeping highways up to snuff, so that state is going to test a pay-per-mile scheme.

Prius battery thefts reportedly on rise in San Francisco

Folks who know how to remove Toyota Prius battery packs without getting electrocuted are making off with “quite a few” of them, according to Toyota dealers.


TN officially recognizes Uber, Lyft with new regs

Tennessee General Assembly has sent a bill to Gov. Bill Haslam’s desk that issues formal regulations of ride-share services like Uber and Lyft.