Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo now available for download

The Toyota FT-1 Vision Gran Turismo is drivable by us mere mortals only in the digital realm of Gran Turismo 6, where it became downloadable last week.

We learn more about Chevrolet Colorado’s child safety capability

GM is providing a little more insight into the Chevrolet Colorado extended cab rear seat, where the headrest converts into a seat cushion for safety’s sake.

Audi gets California’s first autonomous driving permit

California has new laws for testing of autonomous driving systems on public roads, and Audi has already been issued the first permit under those new laws.

Real Wraith: On Rolls-Royce Wraith Bespoke Audio System

With the Rolls-Royce Wraith, Rolls went their own way and developed the 1,300-watt, 18-speaker Bespoke Audio System in-house, with pretty awesome results.

#MASHUP: Nissan LEAF meets Nissan Frontier in EV pickup truck

Nissan’s Technical Center had a crazy idea: Why not take a Nissan LEAF electric vehicle (EV) and slap a bed from a Nissan Frontier pickup truck on the back instead of a hatch? The crazier part? They actually did it.

Taxi Wars, Deutschland Edition: Uber ban lifted in Germany

This week, a court lifted a ban on Uber rideshare service in Germany despite protestations from Taxi Deutschland, a German taxi trade group that fought to keep Uber out of the country.

Ford F-150 parts have UV ray-beating tech

We’ve all seen vehicles that age not-so-gracefully. We’ve even seen our share of vehicles that age disgracefully. A lot of the blame centers on ultraviolet (UV) rays. Ford engineers have been working on Ford F-150 parts to ensure they can withstand the worst UV conditions on earth and still look as good as day one when you make your last truck payment.

Ford offering Surveillance Mode to its police car competitors

Ford says it will offer its Surveillance Mode technology to competitors in the police vehicle industry — if they want it.

Life with LaCrosse: With few exceptions, ’15 Buick LaCrosse interior is super well-done

Here goes a statement you may not be ready to hear: The Buick LaCrosse is among the best interiors in all of GM, and perhaps among all American automakers.

Elio to sell equipment from factory ahead of 2015 production

Elio Motors says it will be taking the unusual step of selling some of the equipment it bought from the former General Motors truck plant in Shreveport, LA ahead of its planned 2015 production start date.

Taxi Wars: SheRides Battle of the Sexes edition

She Rides is an app-based taxi service that purports to be more woman-friendly because the cabbies are women. Except, there are barely any women cabbies.

Chinese LEAF: Dongfeng Nissan launches first EV

The Dongfeng Nissan Venucia e30 electric car looks pretty much like a Chinese knockoff of the Nissan LEAF. That’s because as far as we can tell, it is.