Jaguar XE infotainment seeks to put drivers InControl

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Jaguar XE InControl Infotainment infographic

Infographic explains some of the technology behind the new Jaguar XE’s InControl infotainment system. Click to enlarge. (Image courtesy Jaguar)

The InControl infotainment system on the all-new Jaguar XE sedan promises to bring Jaguar in-car entertainment systems into 2015 with a slick new interface based around an eight-inch touchscreen.

A press release from Jaguar said a clear, intuitive user interface gives quick, easy access to all features and functions, and voice control is possible using plain speech, which allows drivers to keep their eyes on the road at all times.

Jaguar’s Global Connected Car Director Mike Bell said, “In-car technologies in this ever-more connected and fast-paced world are an integral part of your driving experience. With the all-new XE we’re introducing an entire suite of cutting-edge driver aids and entertainment systems. Designed and developed from scratch, they will ensure that every journey you take is simpler, more relaxing, safer, and effortlessly enjoyable.”

An app called Jaguar InControl Remote reportedly allows users of iOS and Android devices to connect to the car remotely, then perform a range of functions including locking or unlocking the doors, starting the Jaguar XE’s climate control, or remotely starting the vehicle.

Meanwhile, Jaguar InControl apps allow drivers to access smartphone apps through the vehicle’s infotainment system touchscreen, the release said. InControl reportedly also functions as a wifi hotspot, with the ability to host multiple devices and connect them to the internet via a built-in wireless internet antenna.

In addition to its InControl infotainment system, the press release said the Jaguar XE’s other driver assistance technologies will make it among the most technologically advanced in its class. An “industry-first” laser head-up display (HUD) reportedly projects sharp, high-contrast color images on the windscreen, providing the driver with information including speed and navigation instructions with maximum clarity and minimum distraction, according to Jaguar. While the automaker touted its increased clarity over others’ HUD setups, it also said the laser HUD is smaller and lighter.

Our Brett Solomon has extensively covered the Jaguar XE teasers from the British marque over the past few weeks, and we’re getting down to brass tacks now: Jaguar said the Jaguar XE will be shown to the public for the first time at an event in London Monday, Sept. 8.

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