2015 Honda Accord gets LaneWatch, HomeLink

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Honda Accord LaneWatch illustration

Infographic shows the approximate field of view the 2015 Honda Accord’s LaneWatch blind spot camera can see. The camera transmits a live feed to the Intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) in the dash either when the driver commands it to do so or, if set up to do so, automatically when the right signal is engaged. (Image courtesy American Honda)

The 2015 Honda Accord is just now hitting dealerships in the U.S., and it’s bringing a couple of notable tech features in the form of LaneWatch blind spot monitoring and HomeLink.

A press release from American Honda said the four-cylinder Honda Accord Sedan and Honda Accourd Coupe EX-L and EX-L Navi trims get a new HomeLink option. HomeLink allows the owner to program a universal remote system with codes for up to three devices, including garage doors, home security systems, and more, the release said.

In addition to that feature, Honda said the 2015 Honda Accord EX Coupe with the four-cylinder engine gains Honda LaneWatch blind spot monitoring system. The system reportedly uses a camera and an in-dash display to provide an enhanced view of the passenger-side of the roadway. Honda’s public site for the Accord shows how the system works. Basically, the car’s Intelligent Multi-Information Display (i-MID) shows a live video feed from a small camera that is mounted in the passenger outside rearview mirror. It can do so either on the driver’s command or automatically upon activating the right turn indicator.

LaneWatch sounds like a good idea, though we’d like to use it in-person for a while to see whether it proved more distracting than the simpler blind spot monitoring systems in other cars. We’re particularly fond of haptic feedback systems that buzz the seat when a turn signal is activated while a car is in our blind spot — something that proved far more useful than I would have imagined on a GMC test truck last year. Unless Honda nailed the positioning of the screen, the LaneWatch system has potential to take my eyes off the road far longer than a simple beep, buzz, or blinky light.

Last but not least: The press release said 2015 Honda Accord Coupes in EX-L and higher trims will get an auto-dimming rearview mirror. That’s a nice touch I sure wouldn’t have minded on the drive home tonight, when some doofus in a jacked-up pickup was running a bright-white LED lightbar in his grille that shined right into my rearview mirror at every traffic light.

The 2015 Honda Accord Sedan starts at $22,105 in four-cylinder, manual transmission LX trim and tops out in fully loaded V6 Touring trim some $10,000 higher. The coupe starts in LX-S trim with a four-cylinder engine, six-speed manual transmission, and an MSRP of $23,775. Top-end 2015 Honda Accord Coupes carry the EX-L Navi trim and can be had for $32,550.  Meanwhile, 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid models start at $29,305 and top out with the Honda Accord Hybrid Touring at $35,055.

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  • doug a

    Considering the LaneWatch system was in the car last year, it seems that you would have tested it out by now.

    • Lyndon Johnson

      Considering Honda has never seen fit (no pun intended) to send us any cars to review, that unfortunately has not happened.

  • Jay Cours

    Anyone off the street could have walked into a Honda dealership and test-driven a model with LaneWatch. You don’t need to be a blogger to do it. I tested it a year ago by walking into the local dealership. You lose credibility when you write an article like this because any average person can experience more than this article merely talks about.

    • Lyndon Johnson

      Yes, because you make salesmen really happy when you go into a dealership and waste their time so that you can make a little money writing an article about a feature you didn’t even know existed on a particular car. I’ve played that game before, and with one notable exception in which the salesman was a college friend of mine, it’s usually not a positive response from the salesman.

  • Gunther Domschke

    Drove the Accord 2015 yesterday with this Lane – Watch thing and find it rather useless and annoying. And yes, it by far detracts more than anything else and worst of all there is no warning for the left lane at all.
    To be a useful Blind Spot Assist or Monitoring, like in a Mercedes or even, without sound, on my Lexus RX350, Honda could have come up with something more useful instead of this camera toy on the mirror.

  • Norman Nonken

    We have a 2014 Accord Ex-L and really like the Lane Watch