TomTom Updates Its Speed Cameras App For iPhone

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Though speed cameras are not in widespread use in the United States, drivers in European countries encounter them on a regular basis. If you watch the hit UK series “Top Gear“, you know how much disdain European drivers and the show’s hosts have for the devices.

TomTom’s Speed Cameras app for iPhone. (Photo courtesy of TomTom)

However, the navigation company TomTom has just release an updated version of its Speed Cameras app for iPhone. The latest version (version 1.1) comes with an introductory promotion which gives drivers a free 12-month subscription to Speed Cameras. Existing customers will get an extra, free year of the service when their active subscription expires.

The Speed Cameras app for iPhone warns drivers of upcoming fixed and mobile cameras, helping them to stay safe and avoid fines. It informs drivers of their speed, the speed limit, the type of camera ahead and the remaining distance to reach it.

“We’re delighted to offer a free year of Speed Cameras with the app,” says Gerry Hinds, Vice-President Mobile at TomTom. “Our Speed Cameras service is already powered by a 1.6-million-strong community of drivers. That’s everyone using the service on their satnav, in-dash navigation system or smartphone. As more and more drivers share newly added or removed cameras with each other, the service will get even better and benefit from the power of the growing community.”

The app is available on iPhone in the following countries: UK & Ireland, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. No word on if a US version will be available.

For more information, read the full media release on TomTom’s website.

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