Rockford Fosgate Improves Its Prime Full-Range Automotive Speakers For 2013

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Rockford Fosgate Prime Series R1675X2

Rockford Fosgate Prime Series R1675X2 Automotive Speaker

LAS VEGAS,NV – Rockford Fosgate has announced that it has upgraded its Prime full range speakers for 2013. Featured during its product showcase in Las Vegas, Nevada, the 2013 Prime full range speaker line is scheduled to ship in the first quarter of 2013.

“The next generation of Rockford Fosgate Prime coax speakers provides both performance and an ultra-efficient design for our customers,” said Theresa Hephner, Rockford senior director of product development and marketing. “Prime loudspeakers are a perfect factory replacement for any vehicle, offering Rockford Fosgate sound quality at a fantastic value. Coupled with our Punch and Power series, we can almost guarantee that we have a full range speaker for every budget and virtually every application.”

The Klippel-verified 2013 Prime series offers a notable increase in power handling, and a horn loading design that provides a phase correct relationship with the mid and tweeter, providing better off axis sound. A noticeably shallower tweeter mount of a half inch not only provides for a cleaner cosmetic finish, but also allows the entire frame to fit more easily behind factory door panels. Grills, speaker wire, and connectors are also included.

Klippel testing, validation, and certification offers a number of benefits for the manufacturer, industry, and, ultimately, the customer. During development, Klippel analyzers can uniquely and dynamically measure the behavior of transducers in the large signal domain in order to determine its performance and reliability. It has the ability to capture voltage, current, power, and voice coil temperature on multiple channels over time with any stimulus. In production, SPL, T/S parameters, coil position, and suspension non-linearity can now all be verified on every unit and batch manufactured. The result is a product manufactured to Rockford’s precise specifications that typically exceeds industry standards.

2013 Prime Full Range Speaker US Pricing:
R14X2: $49.99
R1525X2: $59.99
R165X3: $59.99
R1675X2: $59.99
R168X2: $69.99
R169X2: $69.99
R169X3: $79.99

Prices and specs subject to change without notice.

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