Sound Storm Laboratories Introduces New Class D and A/B Amplifiers

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EVO 2000.4 Four-Channel Amplifier

EVO 2000.4 Four-Channel Amplifier from Sound Storm Laboratories.

LAS VEGAS, NV – Sound Storm Laboratories introduced at CES 2013 this week several new amplifiers to its EVO series lineup.

“Research of the market told us that providing a wider variety of Monoblock amps in a series is a good thing. We listened; our engineers delivered,” the stated in a release.

The EVO series contains three Class D Monoblock amps capable of 1-ohm operation and three Class A/B amps capable of 2-ohn operation.

Models EVO5000.1, EVO4000.1 and EVO3000.1 feature Class D topology, MOSFET power supplies, variable crossovers, variable subsonic filters and variable phase control.

Models EVO2500.1, EVO2000.1 and EVO1500.1 feature Class A/B topology, MOSFET power supplies, low and high level inputs, variable crossovers and bass boost.

The company also introduced seven Class A/B multi-channel amplifiers for driving high-frequency speakers while the Monoblock amps handle subwoofers. The EVO Series also includes a five-channel amplifier, the EVO2900.5, allowing the flexibility of powering a complete system of subwoofers and speakers with just one amp.

The other EVO multi-channel amplifiers include models EVO2000.4, EVO1600.4, EVO2200.2, EVO1800.2, EVO1400.2 and the EVO1000.2 which featuring full-range output, MOSFET power supplies, low and high level inputs, variable low-pass crossovers, fixed high-pass crossovers and variable bass boost.


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