Turning Plastic into Wood- Scosche Hydrographics for Aftermarket Radios

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I remember an installation review I wrote up for CarSound & Performance Magazine on Busta Rhymes’ DJ- DJ Skratch.  The installation wasn’t all that memorable, however the dash ‘kit’ was like nothing I ever saw before.  It mimicked marble.  When everyone else was pressing faux woodgrain that obviously looked like a sticker on their Lexus, this dude had a marble dashboard.  Will Castro would not let me in on the secret.  Then another time I went to the shop and saw all of the interior bits being packaged and shipped off.  OK- now I figured out they were using the OEM parts…and then I discovered hydrographics, or hydrodipping.  It is a basically a tank where a special water transfer decal film can give the results of woodgrain, carbon fiber, the aforementioned marble, turned aluminium, or any other unique material you can come up with.  As long as the item can fit in the tank, you can turn plastic into gold.

Scosche figured out, why not match the woodgrain on the dashboard of your Ford when you want to swap the head unit?  What was once a custom procedure that needs to be sent out now becomes an inexpensive luxury.  Nice.

No photos to display yet…but just imagine an aftermarket radio surrounded by Ford woodgrain!

Oxnard, Calif., (January 9, 2013)Scosche Industries (, the company known for its “Custom Kit, Factory Fit” installation kits, is introducing its first line of custom water transfer dash kits.  The new hydrographics kits will allow consumers and installers the ultimate in customization for their dashes. Initially, the new hydrographics kits will be available for Ford model vehicles, with several factory-matched wood grain options to choose from.


“The aftermarket industry is continually evolving to meet the personalized needs of consumers and installers,” said Kas Alves, executive vice president, Scosche Industries.  “With the new Scosche hydrographics kits, installers can create a custom look that suits every individual’s unique aesthetic.”


Scosche’s water transfer graphic options will be available in early spring 2013.  Ford model vehicle owners will be able to choose from an array of stock wood grain patterns.  Scosche will feature additional patterns and designs in the coming months with plans to expand into specialty and custom orders.


Stop by and visit Scosche at CES in booth #3806 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center to see the new water transfer kits as well as Scosche’s other award-winning products on display.  To learn more about Scosche’s innovative products, go to or find us on Facebook or Twitter.

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