Subaru Launches Driving Difficulty Index Map with

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A screenshot of The Weather Channel's Driving Difficulty Index Map from

Subaru and The Weather Channel have teamed up to launch the Driving Difficulty Index, an interactive map layer on’s weather maps. Drivers can use the map to determine whether they’ll face difficult driving conditions along a given route. (Image courtesy

A new partnership between Subaru and The Weather Channel will give motorists the ability to gauge driving difficulty before heading out on a trip.

According to a press release from Subaru, the Weather Channel now has a new interactive layer on its online weather maps called the Driving Difficulty Index. Motorists can pull up the interactive weather maps at this link and see how difficult their travels are likely to be.

The index is based on various factors including ice, snow, ponding of water, high winds, and low visibility. When selected by the user, the Driving Difficulty Index map shows users where difficult driving conditions are present.

Paul Walsh, VP of weather analytics at the Weather Channel’s parent company (known, fittingly enough, as the Weather Company,) said, “The Driving Difficulty Index is a partnership unique to the two brands, leveraging Subaru’s and TWC’s shared focus and expertise on driving safety during specific weather conditions. Using our extensive weather dataset and big data analytics capabilities, we’ve created– with Subaru– a unique planning tool that helps our users better plan their day, their travel, and even their driving route.”

As part of the partnership, Subaru will get advertising space in all Driving Difficulty Index maps and will offer Car Clinic video segments and tips to help viewers understand how to improve their driving safety in relevant conditions, the press release said.

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