Kicker’s New CompRT Subwoofers Feature Very Shallow Mounting Depths

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Kicker CompRT

Kicker’s CompRT subwoofers feature very shallow mounting depth.

STILLWATER, OK – Kicker’s new CompRT subwoofers feature extremely shallow mounting depths to deliver deep bass while fitting where conventional-sized subwoofers won’t.

The new subwoofers reduced what were already the thinnest mounting depths available from Kicker, taking almost another inch off the shallow-mount driver’s basket suitable for the trickiest installations.

Even with the shallower mount, CompRT Subwoofers are available in 1- or 2-Ohm dual-voice coils, which work well with mono amplifiers in a car or truck.

The CompRT motor structure utilizes a large-diameter, progressive-roll spider for increased linearity and better overall sound. An inverted-bumped back plate and a bumped top plate allow for full voice-coil clearance and excursion, creating bass despite the limited area. High-temp coil wire winding around the high-mass, solid pole piece and double venting contribute to the woofers’ efficient cooling attributes and durability. As a result, CompRT power handling has increased dramatically with the newest design.

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