Mercedes Safety Tech Features Announced For 2014 S-Class

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Mercedes runs down a list of planned new safety tech for its 2014 S-Class. In German.

Mercedes plans a suite of new safety tech on its 2014 S-Class, as detailed here in German. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? (Mercedes photo courtesy Car and Driver.)

To corrupt a Christmas carol: “On the day of Thanksgiving, ze Germans gave to me: 10 Mercedes safety tech features for the 2014 S-Class.”

Or something like that.

According to Car and Driver, the folks in Stuttgart have announced 10 new or improved safety features for the 2014 S-Class scheduled to hit U.S. shores sometime in late 2013.

As part of its “Intelligent Drive” (ID) suite of resources designed to help the car correct for inattentiveness of the driver, the S-Class will be fitted with an array of six radar units. Three of the units will look ahead, and the other three will look back. In addition, the system has a total of seven cameras looking in every direction out from the car and 12 SONAR-esque parking sensors. Furthermore, the car has sensors that track driver inputs and how the car reacts to them.

Among other cool additions Mercedes’ safety tech gurus made:

  • All-LED lighting inside the car and out
  • Rear seatbelt airbags
  • A lane departure avoidance system and driver “wake-up” aids for those long, monotonous, sleep-inducing stretches of straight highway
  • Brakes that will automatically apply when a pedestrian or crossing traffic is detected directly in the car’s path or heading into the car’s path
  • Infrared sensors able to display people or animals in the road ahead up to 330 feet away

For the full list of new Mercedes safety tech features bound for the 2014 S-Class, hit Car and Driver’s exhaustive list and descriptions.

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