Memphis Car Audio Announces New MClass Amplifiers

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Memphis MClass Amps

Memphis Car Audio has six new MClass Amps for 2013.

MEMPHIS, TN – This month will see Memphis Car Audio releasing the first three of six all-new amplifiers in their top of the line MClass series of amps.

The first 3 models to arrive at authorized dealers will be the MCX1.1100 producing 1100Wx1 into 1 Ohm (MSRP $599), the MCX4.75 (MSRP $469), which will deliver 75Wx4 at 4 Ohms, and in a first for the brand, the MCX3.750 (MSRP $699) – a three channel model capable of 75Wx2 into 4 Ohms + 600Wx1 at 1 Ohm.

Following after the MCX amp’s introduction will be the Memphis Car Audio MClass MOJO series. Consisting of the MJ1.2200 with 2,2200Wx1 at 1 Ohm (MSRP $1,399), the MJ1.4200 with 4,200Wx1 at 1 Ohm (MSRP 1899), and the MJ5.1400 5 Channel hybrid (MSRP $1099) delivering 75Wx4 at 4 Ohms + 1100Wx1 into 1 Ohm, these 3 amps share the same chassis design of the MCX models, only with the higher power that earns them the MOJO name.

The new MClass amps have several exclusive features:

MDAC – Memphis Distortion Analysis Control Gives the installer a visual indication of clipping on the amplifier, enabling easier setting of the optimum level for best sound quality & maximum performance.

MTLC – Memphis Total Level Control Allows the user to adjust the final output of the amplifier without altering the installer’s original sensitivity settings.

MRCS – Memphis Rapid Crossover System 24 dB/Octave crossover slopes get you to your desired crossover point quickly and accurately for better sound quality.

MBIG – Memphis Bass Intensity Generator Increases the intensity of the amplifier’s low frequency output – centered at 45Hz.

Most of these exclusive features are located on the top panel hidden by an illuminated M badge that the professional installer bolts on to hide the controls from view.

Other features include:
· On Board AFS Fusing
· Bridged Pair Compatibility
· Sleek looking Aluminum Trim Panels
· Line Level Preamp Outputs

Visit to find a local authorized Memphis Car Audio dealer.

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