Audi Piloted Parking System Earning Accolades

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Audi's piloted parking system finds a parking space

Audi’s “piloted parking” system would allow a parking garage to take control of the car, finding it the nearest available parking space. The feature would be enabled via smartphone or tablet. (Photo courtesy Audi.)

We told you how Audi was gung-ho for autonomous cars. Now, the press is encouraging the automaker in its efforts by recognizing Audi’s “piloted parking” system.

According to a press release from Audi, the recognition came on the heels of the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where it showcased its  idea to build a connected parking garage that would work in concert with a car’s on-board autonomous driving aids to find the nearest parking spot.

Popular Science named the technology “Product of the Future” Specialized media network The Verge bestowed the title of “Best Automotive Technology” on the system at CES.

Ricky Hudi, head of Electrics/Electronics Development at Audi, said, “The awards acknowledge our development work and show that we are on the right track.”

According to the release, Audi is “currently in the process of equipping a parking garage in Ingolstadt with the necessary technology” to fully test the system. It would be used in both above- and underground parking garages and could be activated by the driver via a smartphone app. The parking garage would guide the car to the nearest parking spot via WLAN and laser sensors that would precisely track the car’s movements through the garage. Audi said the car, for its part, would monitor things by way of 12 ultrasonic sensors. There are plans to later add four video cameras to that array, giving the car even better “eyes” when in autonomous or “piloted” mode, Audi said.

From the release:

“Audi is working all out on a host of piloted driving technologies. They will not only assist the driver in the parking garage, but also in traffic jams and when maneuvering into parking spots and in small garages – whenever required.”

Are you comfortable with handing over control of your car during traffic jams or when parking? Would you do as Audi and other OEMs are hoping and stay alert and involved in the process once the autonomous features were in-use? We’d love to hear your take in the comments.

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