iTrip Auto FM Transmitter Now Allows Streaming Of Aha Content

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iTrip Auto Aha Radio

Aha Radio is now available through the iTrip Auto FM Transmitter.

LAS VEGAS, NV – Until now, Aha by Harman content has only been available to drivers with OEM or aftermarket head units with the feature. Griffin Technology has added the ability stream Aha content through any FM radio frequency with its iTrip Auto FM transmitter when connected to an iPhone or iPod touch.

“Many cars on the road today do not feature an auxiliary input or Bluetooth connection for a mobile device,” said Robert Acker, VP and GM of Aha by Harman. “Griffin and Aha have partnered to create a simple way for drivers to access the world of audio content available from Aha, at an entry-level price of $59.99, giving virtually any driver access to the next generation of infotainment.”

Griffin iTrip Auto owners simply download Aha’s free iOS app, organize their favorite stations as presets and set their preferences to create a customized listening experience. When iTrip Auto is connected to an iPhone or iPod touch, Aha detects and launches its Griffin iTrip-specific settings to help the driver find an unused FM frequency on which to stream their Aha stations. When they arrive at their destination and exit the car, the driver can unplug the iTrip Auto and continue enjoying Aha on the iOS device.

Aha gives users access to more than 30,000 stations of audio content including internet music services, news, podcasts, audiobooks, Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds, customized “Hungry,” “Coffee,” and “Traffic” stations, weather and surf reports, and more.

“Simplicity and ease-of-use are fundamental to Griffin’s product designs and help consumers live better through technology,” said Scott Naylor, Director of Product Development at Griffin. “Similarly, Aha has created an easy and familiar way for drivers to stay connected and entertained, while keeping their eyes on the road. We are proud to be the first mobile accessory company leading the way to help drivers safely access a world of Aha content right through the radio.”

For more information about Aha by Harmon click here.

The Aha Radio app is a free download on the Apple App Store,

For more information about Griffin Technology visit

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