Cobra Electronics’ New SPX Radar Line Features Double The Detection Range

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Cobra SPX Radar Series

Cobra’s New 2013 SPX Radar Series

CHICAGO, IL — Cobra Electronics unveiled the new SPX Radar line at the 2013 International CES in Las Vegas. The Cobra SPX Radar Line includes three models – the SPX 5300, SPX 5400 and SPX 5500, all which include high performance in a more compact unit size.

The three models offer double the detection range with less false alerts, at a highly affordable price. The SPX Radar line will be available beginning in April at a suggested retail price ranging from

SPX Line Key Features:
• Auto Mute
• LaserEye™ 360-degree laser detection
• Intellimute/Intellimute Pro
• UltraBright Data Display
• Five-level signal strength meter
• Selectable City and Highway modes

The SPX 5400 and SPX 5500 models come with Voice Alert for audio alerting, while the SPX 5300 features DigiView Data Display for bright and crisp display.

“Cobra created the SPX radar line with a focus on enhancing performance and reliability,” said Tony Kainuma, director of navigation and detection products for Cobra. “This new line of detectors features a series of advancements including unparalleled execution in its detection range and a significant reduction in false alerts so drivers can be confident in the signals the detector is picking up.”

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