Memphis Car Audio Introduces All New Power Reference PRX Amplifiers

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Memphis PRX Amplifiers

Memphis Car Audio has new PRX Amplifiers for 2013.

MEMPHIS, TN – Memphis Car Audio has introduced all new Power Reference PRX amplifiers for 2013. Power Reference has long been the best-selling amplifiers in the Memphis Car Audio lineup and these new models are poised to continue the trend.

The PRX line includes two 2-channel models – PRX2.50 (MSRP $209) and PRX2.100 (MSRP $279), 2 mono block models – PRX1.500 (MSRP 339) and PRX1.1000 (MSRP $399). Both mono block models feature Class D circuitry and 1 Ohm stability. Also in the 2013 PRX range are the 4 channel PRX4.50 (MSRP $299) and the PRX5.550 5 channel (MSRP $469).

Unique to the Power Reference PRX range is the top mounted controls that are covered by a removable top plate. When the installer is setting up the amplifier, the controls are easily accessible on the top of the chassis.

After the initial set up is complete, the top panel is installed, giving the amplifier a sleek, clean look. All models include a dash mountable Remote Level Control, enabling the user to have fingertip control of the output of the amp. High and low level inputs enable the PRX amplifiers to be easily integrated into any vehicle. The built-in 45Hz Bass Boost is adjustable from 0-12dB for extra emphasis on bass.

Memphis Car Audio says they will have the new Power Reference PRX models available exclusively at authorized independent car audio specialty retailers in January 2013.

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  • Bruce Travis

    Just got a Memphis Audio PR 1.100 Amp !! It’s awesome. But I need a bass control knob do you know where I can buy one ? Thanks

  • Austin Frase

    Did you buy it new and it didnt have one? does it have a remote port (looks like a telephone port) if so, buy some remote wire (telephone wire MIGHT work i’m not sure on the cable count, and hook it up to a variable resistor.)