Chrysler 300 Glacier Continues Auburn Hills AWD Party

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The all-wheel drive Chrysler 300 Glacier

Chrysler’s 300 is following the example of its platform sister car, the Dodge Charger, by offering an all-wheel drive model. Its name: 300 Glacier. (Photo courtesy Chrysler.)

First came news a few weeks ago about the Dodge Charger with all-wheel drive, and now Chrysler is bringing out the 300 Glacier, which also puts power to the ground through all four wheels.

According to a Chrysler press release, the base 300 Glacier’s Pentastar V6 makes a fitting 300 horsepower thanks to a freer-flowing exhaust and cold air induction tweaks. That power flows through an 8-speed automatic transmission before it is directed to primarily the rear wheels. When it is not necessary to power the front wheels, the car has a front axle disconnect system designed to reduce drag on the powertrain and improve real-world fuel efficiency, the release said. Chrysler says the 300 Glacier is rated at 18 MPG city/27 MPG highway with the V6.

Those who don’t give a rip about fuel economy may have a lot of fun with the optional 5.7-liter HEMI V8 engine, which thanks to cylinder deactivation technology still manages 23 MPG highway, according to the release.

Chrysler says the 300 Glacier’s active transfer case seamlessly redirects power from the rear wheels only to all four wheels without any intervention on the part of the driver whenever slip is detected. When traction to is plentiful at the rear wheels, the system decouples the front wheels from the system, effectively transforming the car into a two-wheel drive car, albeit with a bit of extra weight added by the transfer case and front axle shafts.

Exactly how much weight is a number Chrysler did not disclose in its press release. Despite the extra weight, the ability to “unhook” the front wheels from the system in this manner should be more efficient than a traditional all-wheel drive setup where the front axle is permanently connected and serves as a drag on the system.

The Chrysler 300 Glacier is now on sale at an asking price just shy of $38,000, the release said.

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