Dodge Does Kickstarter: Would Your Friends Donate for Your Dream Dart?

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Dodge hopes your friends and family might help you purchase a Dart by logging onto this website to donate to your cause. (Photo courtesy Chrysler.)

You’ve all heard of various Kickstarter success stories, right? Or perhaps you’ve heard how U.K. rock musician Ginger Wildheart used an all-music version of the social fundraising site to sneak his way into the charts? Dodge hopes your friends and “followers” will be just as willing to drop a few dollars here and there to help you obtain a Dart.

According to a Dodge press release, the automaker has set up The Dodge Dart Registry, a place for prospective Dart owners to go configure the Dart of their dreams, then invite friends to help them obtain it by buying them a “piece” of the car, just as they might buy a bride a piece of fine china to complete a larger set of dishes. The site launched Sunday, Jan. 20.

The important question is whether your friends and family would go for the idea of “sponsoring,” as Dodge put it, parts of your new car. While the idea is indeed very similar to Kickstarter or Pledgemusic, both of those sites’ best success stories typically are the result of an artist who promises something special in return for those who donate. Ginger Wildheart’s highly successful Pledgemusic campaign allowed the donors to get an exclusive three-album release. They then selected their favorite few songs on each album, and the top vote-getting songs were compiled onto a commercially available single-disc release. Only the pledgers got the triple album. And various levels of pledge got various levels of goodies– some higher levels got signed copies of the triple album, for example.

So what unique selling proposition does the Dart Registry make? What will your friends and family get out of donating to the cause? The satisfaction of knowing they just blew a few bucks on a car they’ll probably never drive themselves– you know, because it’s not their car?

There’s the rub, friends.

With that said, what kind of incentives would you require before you’d plop down some of your hard-earned coinage on someone else’s dream Dart? Driving privileges? A period of personal chauffeur bondage for your friend? Sound off in the comments.

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