SpareOne AA-Battery Powered Mobile Phone Is a Great Spare For Glovebox

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SpareOnePlus Emergency Mobile Phone In Silver

The SpareOnePlus Emergency Mobile Phone works With A Single AA Battery.

LAS VEGAS, NV – If your mobile phone is ever lost, or has a dead battery, or becomes damaged in an accident and you were in an emergency situation, wouldn’t it be nice to just pull a spare phone out of your glove box to call for help?

SpareOne is designed just for that. It’s the world’s only emergency mobile phone powered by a single AA battery. At CES, SpareOne debuted the SpareOnePlus, featuring a several enhancements to the original.

“SpareOne has become a game-changing preparedness device since its launch, gaining national notoriety for its innovation and ability to keep lines of communication open when power is completely unavailable or inaccessible,” said Alan Cymberknoh, SpareOne Project Director at XPAL Power. “SpareOnePlus is packed with additional safety features and communicates with users even more intuitively than before.”

Upgrades to the SpareOnePlus include a location-based service which identifies the exact location of the cell ID, accessible through a free smartphone app, as well as audible numeric feedback which reads the number dialed and incoming calls aloud. SpareOnePlus now comes in Flat Black and Matte Silver, both with a red battery screen, giving the product a premium look and feel.

Designed to be an ultimate safety and communication device, it provides up to 15 years of battery life when stored unused (off, with plastic tab inserted) or 10 hours of talk time when in use of a single AA battery. Features include a TorchLight on top which provides 24 hours of continuous light and a dedicated 911 dial button to alert authorities, which works with or without a SIM card and the ability to pre-set 9 speed dial numbers.

SpareOnePlus also comes with a new talk-through, re-sealable waterproof bag with a humidity-proof seal. The floatable bag operates in extreme temperatures of -22F to 140F and protects against water submersion for 30 minutes at a depth of 1 meter. Its also designed with room to accommodate a few small items such as credit cards, bandages, etc.

Both versions of SpareOne are designed to work independently of a cell phone carrier, with no monthly fee. Users simply insert a SIM card with credit to begin making calls at local rates. SpareOne is SIM unlocked, so it can accept SIM cards regardless of the GSM operator, and micro-SIM adapters are also available for iPhone users to insert their iOS SIM.

SpareOnePlus will be available early 2013 while the original SpareOne is available now for $99.99 on Two versions of the phone are currently available – one for the Americas and one for Europe/Asia/Africa/Oceania (based on GSM availability:

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