Smart Mirror Technology To Reach A Billion US Dollars In 2013

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Escort Smart Mirror

Escort’s SmartMirror offers all the features of GPS Navigation without the clutter and hassle of suction cups, mounting brackets and wires.

GLEN ALLEN, VA – Smart mirror technology is expected to be a billion dollar business in 2013, according to a new report from the industry analyst firm, NanoMarkets.

The report analyzes the opportunities for both the existing market for automotive self-dimming rear-view mirrors and the emerging markets for even more sophisticated “digital mirrors” in automotive, consumer, healthcare, and advertising applications.

Smart mirror technologies include self-dimming, self-cleaning, and self-repairing systems, as well as embedded electronics like sensors, displays, and cameras such as Escort’s SmartMirror2 product. Application sectors include automotive rear-view smart mirrors (both interior and exterior), consumer and household smart mirrors, healthcare and medical-related smart mirrors, and smart mirrors in retail and advertising settings.

There is already strong demand for light sensor-triggered, electrochromically self-dimming smart rear-view mirrors in the automotive sector. Self-dimming improves driver comfort and safety, and this feature should continue to dominate smart mirrors market. In the near future, value-added functionalities incorporated through the addition of more sophisticated electronics, including displays, touch capability, Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS should continue to grow.

The report reveals trends that are driving demand for smart mirror technologies includes safety, comfort/convenience, design/style, and marketing. The firm estimates the total global market for smart mirror technologies will be approximately $1 billion in 2013, and the market will grow to a value of just over $3.4 billion ($US) by the end of the decade.

Additional details about the report are available HERE.

SOURCE: NanoMarkets

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