Colombian Street Party. Massive Audio Edition.

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They just have more fun down in Medillin, Columbia courtesy of a company based in the United States.  Massive Audio is known for audio products that truly deliver when it comes to volume versus price (more boom for your buck).  Much to the dismay of your neighbors.

But one section of the 12 Volt industry that has taken off in Latin America (and a few areas in the US like South Florida) is known as ’12 Volt Pro.’  Here, sane sound levels give way to rolling block parties courtesy of the car’s stereo.  Would I ever ask the owner to turn it down?  Hell no- it’s OK to have a little fun as long as it isn’t 2:00 AM.

Would I ever ask as to how some of these elaborate systems were funded in the second-largest city in Columbia known for hometown hero Pablo Escobar and trafficking?  Hell no again.  But let’s all enjoy a little loud every now and then- with a little Latin flair.  Check out  for more info on their products.

I got it…

He got it…

We got it…

“Get Massive” was shot in Medellin Colombia with the help of the company’s distributor ‘Fenix Export’ to showcase the spirit of Massive Audio in South America. The music video portrays the excitement and ingenuity that “12 Volt Pro” Audio represents. Building a truck or car that is basically a mobile PA system lets people literally party in the streets while not sacrificing SPL or sound quality that the club can provide.

“It’s a party atmosphere! That is what the artist wanted to portray.” Said Jude Wallway, President of Fenix Export, Distributor of Massive Audio in Panama and Colombia.  “The song itself is banging. We were very impressed with the lyrics and production. It is a great representation of how people are using our 12 Volt Pro products around the world.” It definitely gets stuck in my all the time!” Added Jeremy Larsson, International Sales Manager for Massive Audio.

Golden Gun, Sebastian de Jesus Angúlo Fuentes, is a 24 year old urban music artist born in Monteria Colombia. More songs and info can be found at The song was produced by DJ Yocko and the video directed by Pablo Durango.

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