Ford Hybrids Growing Their Slice of the Pie

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A 2013 Ford Fusion in Hybrid trim

Ford’s hybrid models, including this, the Fusion Hybrid, are helping the Motor Company gain market share in the hybrid segment as long-time segment dominant force Toyota’s share shrinks, according to a Ford press release. (Image courtesy Ford Motor Company.)

Ford has released a handful of new hybrid hotness in the last model year. Recently enough, we’ve told you about the Fusion and C-MAX hybrids and their Energi plug-in counterparts. Thanks no doubt at least partially to this flurry of activity, Ford says it is now growing its market share in the hybrid segment.

According to a Ford press release, the Motor Company’s hybrids gained nine percentage points from December 2011 to December 2012. Fusion Hybrid beat an all-time sales record with 3,244 sold in December 2012, while overall, Ford hybrids were expected to sell 5,500 units in January 2012, which would make that month the brand’s best for hybrid sales. Ever.

To top it all, Ford says the last three months of 2012 saw the brand sell more hybrids than any other three-month period in its history, moving a total 19,554 hybrid cars– a figure more than 193% higher than Ford’s previous best hybrid sales in a three-month period.

Amy Marentic, marketing manager for Global Small and Medium Cars at Ford said, “We’re bringing new hybrid buyers into the market, many of whom wouldn’t be considered traditional hybrid buyers. There’s a sense hybrid buyers represent a pragmatic or green ethic. Fusion Hybrid is scoring with these audiences, but the car also puts some excitement into the segment through design; it shows hybrids can have beautiful and sophisticated styling. This, in turn, means different buyers.”

Nearly 70% of Fusion Hybrid buyers are first-time Ford shoppers, the release said, comparing that number to the 53% of new Toyota Shoppers who buy Camry Hybrids. On average, Fusion Hybrids sit on dealer lots just 10 days– the shortest “turnover time” of any Ford model, the release claimed. Such a fast-selling car means one thing is practically guaranteed if you’re shopping for a Fusion Hybrid: Don’t expect to haggle your way into any big discounts.

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