JVC Mobile Entertainment Adds New “DRVN” Amplifiers For 2013

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JVC's KS-AX3205D DRVN amplifier

JVC’s KS-AX3205D DRVN amplifier is a 5-Channel, class-D power amplifier.

LAS VEGAS, NV – JVC Mobile Entertainment has unveiled new “DRVN” (pronounced /’drivən/) series amplifiers that are 10 percent smaller than previous models and have added a flexible 5-channel version for this year.

Cosmetic changes include a sleeker shell with red badging on the chassis of each amplifier. MOSFET Output stages provide better sound quality while dissipating less heat than traditional output circuits, while powerful internal capacitors boost low frequency sounds.

Models KS-AX3205D and KS-AX3201D include variable bass boost control and subsonic filter, plus all models have improved crossover gain slope.

The KS-AX3205D is a 5-Channel class D power amplifier with 1000-watt maximum power. It features 50W x 4 RMS power output plus a 200-watt RMS subwoofer output at 4-ohms, or 130-watt RMS x 2 channels bridged plus a subwoofer output of 200-watt at 4-ohms. Pricing is $319.95.

The KS-AX3201D is a Mono Class D amplifier with 800-watt maximum power. It features 250-watt max RMS output at 4-ohms and 400-watt max output at 2-ohms. Pricing is $199.95.

JVC’s 4-Channel KS-AX3204 produces 800-watt maximum power and 60-watt RMS power per channel at 4-ohms, 180-watt RMS x 2 channels bridged at 4-ohms and features both High-Pass and Low-pass Filters at a price of $169.95.

The KS-AX3202 is a 2-Channel Power Amplifier which produces 400-watt maximum power and 65-watt RMS x 2 channels at 4-ohms, or 180-watt bridged at 4-ohms, features High-Pass and Low-pass filters, and a price of $119.95.

JVC’s lineup also features “DRVN XX” amplifiers which feature easy installation, even for OEM upgrades with JVC’s patented dynamic audio delivery circuitry.

All terminals are mounted a single side of the chassis with end covers so mounting holes concealed with a clean installation look. Parallel drive MOSFET Power Supplies increase efficiency allowing the new amplifiers to carry up to an extra 20 percent of current from single MOSFET designs.

The KS-AX5101D mono power amplifier produces 300-watt RMS power at 4-ohms, 1000-watt maximum power, features a variable and low pass filter, includes a pass-through pre-output terminal, and carries a price of $219.95.

The KS-AX5102 2-Channel amplifier produces 100-watt RMS power per channel at 4-ohms, 300-watt RMS bridged at 4-ohms, features variable High-Pass and Low-pass Filters, and is priced at $169.95.

The Four Channel KS-AX5104 produces 70-watt RMS power per channel at 4-ohms, 200-watt RMS x 2 channels bridged at 4-ohms, features variable High-Pass and Low-pass Filters, and is priced at $219.95.

For more JVC product information, visit or call 1-800-526-5308.

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