Inrete Launches Automatica AutoTether App For Android

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Autotether Android App

Autotether Android app from Automatica

ITALY – Inrete has announced the launch of its first Automatica companion app, AutoTether, for Android. The new app, designed for use with in-vehicle devices like the Automatica car USB, automates the task of tethering to Android smartphones. Once downloaded the free app, an Android smartphone will immediately enable tethering in the car to provide Wi-Fi connectivity to other devices.

AutoTether provides an alternative to near field communication (NFC), utilizing the phone’s Bluetooth for location awareness. Tethering will turn on automatically when in proximity of a paired device and will stop when Bluetooth disconnects from it. You can specify which Bluetooth device you want to automatically activate the tethering.

The app was designed as a companion to the Automatica smart USB device that plugs into a car’s built-in USB port for access to the user’s latest music, podcasts, and audiobooks. Automatica uses Wi-Fi to sync with audio files on cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and Microsoft SkyDrive. AutoTether keeps Automatica connected to Wi-Fi for fresh content, but will also allow tethering to other devices such as tablets or children’s gamepads.

The AutoTether for Automatica app is free, though carriers could charge extra fees when tethering. It is available on Google play or your Android Marketplace.

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SOURCE: Inrete

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