Die eardrums, Die! Rockford Fosgate’s Sound Lab ‘Mini’ Demo Vehicle

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Yes, the title is catchy but we do condone practicing safe sound.  So does Rockford Fosgate.  While enjoying Steve Meade and Paul Walker trying to destroy a parking garage the other day, I was turned onto Rockford Fosgate’s new demo vehicle.  It has a traditional sound quality system in the front of the Ford Transit Connect, and a redonkulous bass-face-smashing audio system in the back.  Hearing protection IS included.

A lot of people get uptight sitting in a vehicle with this much subwoofer cone area (six 15″ woofers).  It gets even more abusive if you essentially sit in the loudspeaker enclosure!  The headphones will protect your ears but the pressure is intense.  Props to Mark Lowe of RTTI for the incredible build.

The Rockford Fosgate “mini SoundLab” is a high performance demo vehicle built on a 2012 Ford Transit Connect wheelbase. The mini SoundLab features a 3,600 Watt PRESSURE CHAMBER with 12 speakers, including six Punch 15″ subwoofers, and gives participants the opportunity to experience the full PUNCH of Rockford Fosgate car audio equipment.

Fabrication for the mini SoundLab took 2 months. The crew of three led by Mark Lowe, worked days and most nights over the extensive 60 day period. “This isn’t a typical demo vehicle”, states Mark. “We designed the mini SoundLab to work like its big brother SoundLab, so it could provide hundreds of demonstrations, drive to the next event, and still run strong!”

The Pressure Chamber consists of three Punch P1000X1bd amplifiers that generate 3,000 watts to six Punch P3 15” subwoofers, firing into your back as you rest on a low profile bench that comfortably seats two adults.  Once the doors are closed, you’re faced with two Punch Pro 1.5” tweeters and four Punch Pro 8” midrange powered by one Punch P600X4 multi-channel amplifier.

The chamber is much smaller than its big brother “SoundLab” so more impactful SPL (Sound Pressure Level) can be generated. Once the doors close and faced toward the Punch Pro speakers “It feels like they could possibly rip your face off” states Brian Von Pasecky, one of the vehicle fabricators.

With so much SPL generated, Rockford Fosgate does take precautionary measures. Josh Kyler explains, “A pair of sound-deadening ear phones are suggested for each occupant” to prevent any hearing damage. “We also have [Punch Out] or panic buttons on each side of the Pressure Chamber to immediately stop the interactive sound and light show for those not tough enough to handle it.”

Driving the mini SoundLab doesn’t need to be a drag, so the fabrication team created a “Sound Quality” system for the front occupants.  A Power T600-2 amplifier drives a pair of Power T3 6.5” component systems, while a Power T1000-1bdCP amplifier powers two Power T0 10” subwoofers.

With the popularity of the original “SoundLab West” and “SoundLab East” vehicles, Rockford Fosgate plans on building several “mini SoundLab” vehicles so reach more customers throughout the year in the United States. To experience the SoundLab or mini SoundLab, stay tuned to our Event Calendar.

REAR PESSURE CHAMBER 1 ea. Apple iPad Mini (rear controller) 1 ea. Punch P600X4 amplifier (mids/highs) 3 ea. Punch P1000X1bd amplifiers (subs) 2 ea. Punch Pro 1.5″ tweeters 4 ea. Punch Pro 8″ midrange 6 ea. Punch P3 15″ subwoofers
FRONT SOUND QUALITY DEMO 1 ea. Apple iPad Mini (front controller) 1 ea. Power T600-2 amplifier (highs) 1 pr. Power T3 component speakers 1 ea. Power T1000-1bdCP amplifier (subs) 2 ea. Power T0 10″ subwoofers


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