Deja Vu: Company Introducing Mobile Phone Designed To Be Installed In Car

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Voyager Installed Mobile Phone

The Voyager Installed Mobile Phone

If you cover the electronics industry, or the automotive industry, or even the automotive electronics industry long enough, you will occasionally get press releases that leaving you shaking your head. Today’s specimen: A company in Israel is introducing what amounts to a mobile phone installed—permanently—on the dash of your vehicle.

Yea, you read that right. In this age of infotainment head units that automatically connect to your smartphone, telecommunications company Accel Telecom, is introducing what they call the ultimate connected-car smartphone device, the Voyager. A permanently-installed standalone smartphone device. A phone, mounted in your car.

Granted, the device operates via a twin-SIM using an existing phone number according to a company press release. What that means for the existing smartphone in your pocket is not mentioned.

The company’s reasoning for Voyager may be found in this quote from the release, “At some point in the future, every car will need to be connected to the outside world through a cellular network. The most user-friendly and secure way to enable this is by embedding a SIM card and a communication module inside the car.”

Accel CEO Marc Seelenfreund said, “Our user-friendly, cost effective and secure Carfone devices have seen substantial market success. We expect strong demand for the new generation VOYAGER Connected Car Smartphone device in both European and US markets in line with recent industry reports and our own research with industry influencers.”

Whether or not Americans or Europeans are ready for a permanently mounted phone when currently technology makes linking a mobile smartphone to a vehicle’s infotainment system fairly easily remains to be seen.

The company did release a slick video showing how life can be with a Voyager smartphone installed in your car. What do you think?

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