16 Speakers Plus 2 Tweeter Sets Make Up Alpine’s 2013 Line-Up

Sections: Aftermarket, Car Audio

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Alpine’s SPX-17PRO 2-Way Component Speaker System

Alpine’s SPX-17PRO 2-Way Component Speaker System

TORRANCE, CA – Alpine Electronics speaker line-up for 2013 has a speaker for every system need and budget level. The line features sixteen speakers plus two tweeter sets from the high-performance Type-X Pro model to the budget-friendly Type-E series.

The top-of-the-line Type-X Pro speakers provide a dynamic, precise sound experience for true audiophiles. They come with an advanced crossover network, which allows users to fully customize their listening experience.

The Type-R series consists of two component speakers and four coaxial speakers. They use a small neodymium magnet and strong yet light HD polymer frame, making them compact and lighter for streamlined installation. Type-R speakers are efficient and perform well with built-in head unit power or aftermarket outboard amplifiers.

They use the High-Amplitude Multi-Roll (H.A.M.R.) technology (patent pending) adapted from Alpine’s popular Type-R subwoofers, for clean, high-impact bass performance. The ring tweeter with EQ ring and copper cap enhances both detail and output, while the swivel mount allows sound to be focused in the desired location.

The Type-S lineup consists of one component speaker and five coaxial. Available in a wide range of sizes, Type-S speakers are ideal replacements for factory speakers and are highly efficient so they can operate from the built-in power of a factory or aftermarket head unit. The Type-S speakers use an HD polymer frame for improved sound and installation, while the high-performance soft dome tweeter provides smooth, detailed sound.

Type-E speakers deliver Alpine-quality sound at appealing prices and are the perfect choice for a simple upgrade from factory speakers. The speakers come in three popular sizes to fit many vehicles. They are constructed with a reinforced glass fiber frame on the back and come with installation holes for ease in mounting in a variety of cars.

Alpine speakers are available at authorized Alpine retailers. Visit for the store locator.

Alpine’s 2013 Speaker Lineup


  • SPX-17PRO – 6 1/2-inch Component 2-way Speaker ($999.95)


  • SPR-60C 6 1/2-inch Component 2-Way Speaker ($299.95)
  • SPR-60 6 1/2-inch Coaxial 2-Way Speaker ($199.95)
  • SPR-50C 5 1/4-inch Component 2-Way Speaker ($299.95)
  • SPR-50 5 1/4-inch Coaxial 2-Way Speaker ($199.95)
  • SPR-68 6×8-inch Coaxial 2-Way Speaker ($199.95)
  • SPR-69 6×9-inch Coaxial 2-Way Speaker ($199.95)
  • SPR-10TW 1-inch Silk Ring Dome Tweeter Set ($119.95)


  • SPS-610C 6 1/2-inch Component 2-Way Speaker ($129.95)
  • SPS-619 6×9-inch Coaxial 2-Way Speaker ($119.95)
  • SPS-610 6 1/2-inch Coaxial 2-Way Speaker ($99.95)
  • SPS-410 4-inch Coaxial 2-Way Speaker ($69.95)
  • SPS-406 4×6-inch Coaxial 2-Way Speaker ($79.95)
  • SPS-510 5 1/4-inch Coaxial 2-Way Speaker ($89.95)
  • SPS-517 5×7-inch Coaxial 2-Way Speaker ($99.95)
  • SPS-110TW 1-inch Silk Ring Dome Tweeter Set ($79.95)


  • SPS-6000 6 1/2-inch Component 2-Way Speaker ($100.00)
  • SPS-6090 6×9-inch Coaxial 3-Way Speaker ($110.00)
  • SPS-5000 5 1/4-inch Coaxial 2-Way Speaker ($90.00)
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