McLaren Reveals Numbers, Official Photos of its P1 Hybrid Supercar

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Official Press Front Quarter Image of the McLaren P1 Supercar

This is an official press photo of the McLaren P1 hybrid supercar released by McLarean Automotive Tuesday, Feb. 26. (Photo courtesy McLaren Automotive.)

And the drip-feed continues: McLaren Automotive is telling us how much we can expect to pay for its P1 hybrid supercar, along with giving us full numbers on how many are expected to be built and releasing official photos.

We previously covered the P1 here and here. The news so far has mostly been about the awesome hybrid powerplant expected to make north of 900 horsepower combined between its V8 and electric components. However, the latest news features news of a completely different sort: Pricing and availability.

So what we know so far is the McLaren P1 will be super-expensive, to the tune of roughly $1.3 million USD (£866,000 GBP), and it will be super-rare, with only 375 units expected to be built. That last part of course would mean “market adjustment premiums” may not be uncommon.

Got a cool couple million bucks in your britches just burning a hole in your pockets, but not sure the McLaren P1 is worth a look? Consider this: In its number-crunching press release, McLaren said the P1 is expected to be about 23% faster than the brand’s legendary F1 supercar of the 1990s, reaching 186 MPH in less than 17 seconds on its way to hitting a speed limiter at 217 MPH. Beyond those impressive stats, the automaker is making much of the car’s exclusive stature thanks to the planned limited production run:

McLaren has closely monitored demand so as to maintain exclusivity, and announced a production number of just 375 units – a figure that will ensure the McLaren P1™ will remain a rarity and, if spotted on the road, an unforgettable sight.

That is assuming, of course, that the car is moving slowly enough to be seen.

Official Press Rear Quarter Image of the McLaren P1 Hybrid Supercar

(Photo courtesy McLaren Automotive.)

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