Chrysler Lets Us Know What Add-Ons Buyers Choose Most

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Chrysler's Mopar Electronic Vehicle Tracking System promo image

Chrysler’s Electronic Vehicle Tracking System can help police find your car if it is stolen. The extra-cost accessory has made its way into the top 10 best-selling extra-cost accessories in America.

An interesting press release snuck across the Fiat press site in February. It showed Chrysler’s top 10 most-accessorized vehicles as well as the top 10 accessories by region.

The release said the Ram 1500 was the vehicle that saw owners buy the most extras, and that side steps and running boards are the top-selling accessory. That doesn’t surprise us. Have you tried to climb into a Ram (or any other full-size truck in America) lately? Some of them just about require a step ladder.

Interesting to note, however, were the top tech upgrades customers elected to buy. At Number 6 for the United States region were upgraded suspension components. At Number 9: Electronic Vehicle Tracking System– honest. And rounding out the 10th position was remote start capability.

Other parts of the world prioritize different things, and that is reflected in the most-popular upgrades in those regions. Europe, the Middle East, and Africa bought Chrysler’s TomTom Blue&Me navigation system. After that, there were parking sensors at Number 4, an Apple USB connection for the Blue&Me system at Number 8, and sport rear diffusers at Number 10. Asia, meanwhile, opted most frequently for radios– something that is an extra-cost option in that market much more often than it is here. There, backup cameras rang in at Number 3. In Latin America, car alarms were the top-selling accessory, Chrysler said with no hint of stereotyping. Below that, extra speakers came in at Number 9.

Full lists of the most popular vehicles by region as well as the most popular accessories by region follow, as quoted from the release:

The following are Mopar’s most accessorized vehicles and top-selling accessories in North America for 2012:

1. Ram 1500
2. Jeep Wrangler
3. Dodge Challenger
4. Jeep Grand Cherokee
5. Dodge Charger

1. Side Steps and Running Boards
2. Jeep Wrangler Tops
3. Floor Mats
4. Trailer Hitches
5. Bedliners and Tonneau Covers
6. Suspension Upgrades
7. Wheel Locks
8. Splash Guards
9. Electronic Vehicle Tracking System (EVTS)
10. Remote Start

In addition to the U.S., Mopar also announced its most accessorized vehicles and top-selling accessories in its global regions.

Europe, Middle East and Africa
1. Jeep Wrangler
2. Jeep Grand Cherokee
3. Fiat 500/500L
4. Fiat Panda
5. Fiat Freemont

1. Tom Tom Blue&Me
2. Tow Bars
3. Alloy Wheels
4. Parking Sensor
5. Floor Mats
6. Side Steps
7. Mirror Covers
8. Apple USB Connection for Blue&Me version
9. Boot Organizer
10. Sport Rear Diffusers

Asia Pacific
1. Jeep Wrangler
2. Jeep Grand Cherokee
3. Fiat 500
4. Jeep Compass
5. Jeep Patriot

1. Radios
2. Side Steps and Running Boards
3. Back-up Cameras
4. Door-sill Guards
5. Bumpers and Winch Kits
6. Floor Mats
7. Grilles
8. Décor Kits
9. Splash Guards
10. Roof Racks

Latin America
1. Fiat Uno
2. Fiat Palio
3. Jeep Wrangler
4. Jeep Grand Cherokee
5. Fiat 500

1. Alarms
2. Floor Mats
3. Skid Plates
4. Alloy Wheels
5. Wheel Locks
6. Tonneau Covers
7. Décor Kits
8. Safety Kits
9. Speakers
10. Bedliners

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