Ferrari LaFerrari Hybrid Supercar Unveiled at Geneva

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Ferrari's LaFerrari on display at the Geneva Auto Show

This is the real deal: The first hybrid-electric powertrain put in a Ferrari can be found in this, the LaFerrari. (Photo courtesy Motor Trend)

We told you weeks ago about the face-meltingly awesome hybrid powertrain in the next Ferrari. Now, that Ferrari has a name– simply, LaFerrari– and has officially been unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show.

Our friends at Motor Trend, among many others, got the story. They say Ferrari is claiming the car will reach 62 MPH from a standstill in less than three seconds (!) and will be capable of passing 124 MPH in less than seven seconds (!!)

Its battery packs are built alongside battery packs Ferrari uses in racing applications, MT said, and are located in the floor of the car, contributing to what the magazine said Ferrari officials called an “ideal” weight balance of 41/59 front/rear. Those batteries are charged under braking and whenever the car’s traction control system has to divert some of the engine power away from the wheels— something no hybrid has done before, as far as we know.

In case we need remind you: The hybrid electric powertrain helps the car rip and snort its 950 horsepower. In fact, the electric bits are responsible for no less than 161 of those horsepower. The rest comes from the LaFerrari’s 6.1-liter V12 rated at 789 horsepower.

In case you’re dreaming of buying one, Mr. and Mrs. Deep Pockets: MT said only 499 will be built, and “we suspect they’re already spoken for.”

Hey, you could always try for the other sexy, hybrid supercar on display at Geneva: the McLaren P1 we’ve been telling you about. But don’t get your hopes up there, either, as even fewer examples– this time just 375– will be produced, according to McLaren. Perhaps the extra exclusivity afforded by producing 124 fewer P1s than LaFerraris will make the 47 fewer horsepower produced by the McLaren inconsequential? You be the judge.

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