Want Some New-School Tech out of your Old School Radio? Aha and FM Modulator Solution

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You have an olde-time radio head unit in your car.  You know, the kind that was manufactured probably no more than five years ago and came as standard equipment in your ride.  It features AM, FM, and CD.  And that’s it.  Maybe it was a really cutting-edge unit and might be able to decode tracks burned onto a CD-R.  Wow.  We are talking some serious high tech there. 

So you haven’t had the money to go out and replace it yet.  Readers of this blog would probably persuade you to throw it into oncoming traffic immediately and start fresh.  But check out this solution for the financially tapped: The iTrip Auto from Griffin gets content from your iPhone through the popular Aha service by Harman.  What can it do?  Read you your Facebook status updates while you drive!  Or your tweets.  Or podcasts.  Whatever you browse when you are not on the asphalt now comes to the tarmac.  There is just something so intriguing about hearing tweets through a shaft-mounted 1970s car radio.  It is kind of like watching Leave it to Beaver on a 80″ Ultra HD flatscreen.  Or something like that…

The rest of the presser is below: 

I Aha by HARMAN and Griffin Technology have announced a new feature in the popular iTrip Auto FM transmitter that allows drivers to stream Aha content through any FM radio frequency. Until now, Aha has been available to drivers in new vehicles and in aftermarket head units from leading stereo manufacturers.
Aha gives users access to more than 30,000 stations of audio content including leading internet music services, news, podcasts, audiobooks, Facebook and Twitter newsfeeds, customized “Hungry,” “Coffee,” and “Traffic” stations, weather and surf reports, and more. Aha continually adds and curates new stations and content spanning from mainstream to niche. With so much content to choose from, Aha offers something for everyone.
To experience Aha’s next-generation infotainment experience, Griffin iTrip Auto owners simply download Aha’s free iOS app, organize their favorite stations as presets and set their preferences to create a customized listening experience. When iTrip Auto is connected to an iPhone or iPod touch, Aha detects and launches its Griffin iTrip-specific settings to help the driver find an unused FM frequency on which to stream their Aha stations. When they arrive at their destination and exit the car, the driver can unplug the iTrip Auto and continue enjoying Aha on the iOS device.
“Many cars on the road today do not feature an auxiliary input or Bluetooth connection for a mobile device,” said Robert Acker, VP and GM of Aha by Harman. “Griffin and Aha have partnered to create a simple way for drivers to access the world of audio content available from Aha, at an entry-level price of $59.99, giving virtually any driver access to the next generation of infotainment.”
“Simplicity and ease-of-use are fundamental to Griffin’s product designs and help consumers live better through technology,” said Scott Naylor, Director of Product Development at Griffin. “Similarly, Aha has created an easy and familiar way for drivers to stay connected and entertained, while keeping their eyes on the road. We are proud to be the first mobile accessory company leading the way to help drivers safely access a world of Aha content right through the radio.”
The Aha Radio app is a free download on the Apple App Store, Griffin’s iTrip Auto is available at major retailers worldwide as well as the Griffin website,

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