BullyDog PMT2- an add-on for GPS, Bluetooth, and…Horsepower?

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Typically when you have GPS, Bluetooth, and a capacitive touchscreen, it is not something that will make your car or truck go faster.  However, this new device from BullyDog that promises outrageous engineering horsepower can take advantage of blending infotainment with performance power.  It hasn’t hit the streets yet, so we don’t know exactly what it will be able to do.  But if it can only establish a WiFi connection to the turbo wastegate so I can make my iPad the boost controller.  Or something like that.


Bully Dog’s PMT2 Chosen as One of Truck Trend Magazine’s 25 Top New Products at SEMA

 In the days following the SEMA Convention in Las Vegas, one of the nation’s leading automotive

 magazines, Truck Trend, revealed their top picks for the best new products presented by the thousands

 of manufacturers and vendors at the show. Bully Dog’s revolutionary PMT2, the second generation of

 the groundbreaking Performance Management Tool, was among them.


Truck Trend, known as the “Pickup and SUV Authority,” released their list of the top 25 SEMA

 products on Tuesday, November 13th online. Truck Trend’s representatives, including editor Allyson

 Harwood, visited the Bully Dog Booth personally and had a chance to experience the PMT2 for



They point to the PMT2’s ability to provide tunes for both gas and diesel vehicles and significant

 increases in horsepower and torque as reasons why the PMT2 stood out among the countless new

 products worldwide that debuted at the convention.


The PMT2’s highly sensitive capacitive touch screen, GPS capabilities, and Bluetooth and wi-fi

 capabilities make it an untouchable vehicle application. It was the only product of its kind included in

 Truck Trend’s Top 25.


Bully Dog’s engineers worked on the PMT2 for two intense years before debuting it to amazed

 crowds at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The product, which will be available for shipping early next

 year, creates an entirely new standard for the industry. With the PMT2, Bully Dog Technologies single-

 handedly raised the bar in vehicle performance, electronic innovation for vehicle gauges, and user-

 friendly tools.

 To see Truck Trend’s complete list of the “Best New Products from the Big Show,” visit the following




Bully Dog is an industry leader in developing full-featured aftermarket enhancements for an

 unprecedented number of vehicle applications. Founded in 1999 and guided by the idea that every

 vehicle possesses untapped potential, Bully Dog equips gas, diesel and heavy duty drivers with the tools

 to unlock their rides’ potential power and economy gains. Visit us online at

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