Chevrolet Wants to Sell You a $55K Camaro With No Engine

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Chevrolet Camaro Rolling Chassis

Chevrolet is producing a limited run of Camaro chassis specially designed to meet NHRA eligibility rules for drag racing. (Photo courtesy Chevrolet.)

If a Chevrolet salesman offered to sell you a new Camaro sans engine for $55,000, you might feel insulted. Or, if you’re a drag racer, you might ask, “Where do I sign?”

According to a release from Chevrolet, the automaker is producing a limited run of NHRA-approved Camaro rolling chassis for competition use. They come with no engine, transmission, differential, or driveshaft. But if you’re a competitive drag racer, you likely would have either thrown out those items and replaced them completely, or at the very least rebuilt them with stronger components than the stock engine.

General Motors U.S. Vice President of Performance Vehicles and Motorsports Jim Campbell said, This is a great opportunity to buy a factory-built foundation for a competitive Camaro race car, saving racers the time of building their own from the ground up and offering them the opportunity to compete with a piece of Chevrolet history, because we’re only going to build a few of them. Add your powertrain assembly and you’ve got a race car that’s ready to tackle the drag strip.”

After calling an 800 number to work out a deal to buy one of the limited-production race chassis, the buyer would have to arrange pick-up of their new purchase in the Detroit area, the release said. The car will include a serialized identifying number, but will not have a formal VIN. That’s Chevrolet’s way of saying these chassis are in no way to be considered road legal, as if the full NHRA-approved rollcage didn’t spell that out for you.

Of course, Chevrolet would be all to happy to hook you up with a full line of Chevy performance parts to finish off the build, such as the standard-bearer 350 cubic-inch small block V8 that the release says is good for 325 horsepower in COPO LS trim. There’s even a 327 cubic-inch V8 with a 4-liter (!) supercharger. Yes, that supercharger is almost as large as the engine itself.

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